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Free Agency and Professional Athletes

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by cblesz, Mar 2, 2008.

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    I am not sure why anyone that follows professional sports is so surprised when the free agency period opens and players start signing for ridiculous amounts of money with bad teams. It happens every year in every sport. With the exception of the premier free agent in baseball. We all know they get the most money wit the Yankees, but at least they have an opportunity to win.

    Do we all forget that the majority of all professional athletes sign with the team that is paying the most money and offering the most security? There are a few exceptions (Adalius Thomas is one and Zach Thomas another). But, this is what happens every year. We should expect it. I for one certainly do not blame the athlete. I am sure there are not many of us that would turn down a $200,000 a year job while we are currently making $150,000 out of loyalty or company A is better than company B. Maybe some would, but I would wager that the majority of us would take the higher paying job.

    When the pro athlete says "I gotta feed my family", he truly believes it. A pro athlete's career is very short. They need to make the most money they can while they are playing. At age 35, many are "washed up" and retire. Most of us go on and earn a paycheck every two weeks for another 30 years. Sure, what the athlete asks for salary wise is ridiculous, but a bunch of what they make is taken from agent fees and taxes and it is all not (at least in the NFL) guranteed. They could blow out a knee a week after signing a contract, then get nothing.

    I am not defending the money "grubbing". All I am saying is that a majority of the players chase the almighty dollar, as a most of us would. This year in free agency tells the story:

    Asante Samuel: "I just want to win". This is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. Um, Asante, your best chance at that was taking a few less dollars and staying in New England.

    Bernard Berrian: 6 years, $42 million with the Vikings. Um, who is the quarterback there?

    Alan Faneca: 5 years, $40 million to lose with the Jets. What makes him think they are going to be any good any time soon.

    Michael Turner: 6 years, $36 million with the Falcons? Are you serious?

    Reggie Torbor: signs with the Dolphins. Yup, have fun there Reggie.

    Add Algie Crumpler who was rumored to sign with Seattle. Signed with Tennessee. Details not known, but I am sure it was more money...

    Even look at the free agents we have lost recently: Damien Woody and David Givens come to mind.

    The list is endless, but you get my point. If these guys played "for the ring" and only "wanted a chance to win", they would be signing with New England, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Dallas, etc. But each and every year we sit here and lift our jaws off the keyboard as many free agents sign with bad teams because they pay the most money.

    Did I have a point? Yes, I did. Let's all take a deep breath and come back to reality. (I waited until the end of the thread to bring this up, but the carousel goes back to Moss)...he is no different than any other athlete. There is a strong chance he will not be back in New England. We need to accept that. Why? Well, he "gotta feed his family"...

    Looks like Moss may resign...I am sure if he does, it won't be at a discount.
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