Franchise tag - still work out a contract??

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by carolinatony, Feb 17, 2007.

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    How does this work?
    Now that we put the franchise tag on him, can we still try to get a new contract extension with him?
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    Had you thought about reading through one of the Asante threads or news reports on this before asking the question in a thread? Just saying....
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    For at least the third time...

    --The Pats had until February 22 to franchise or transition tag a player. They can only use either again this offseason if they withdraw that tag before February 22.

    --The Patriots likely placed the "non-exclusive" franchise tender on Samuel, meaning he can negotiate with other teams before signing the tender. He can either (A) Work out a deal between the new team and the Pats or (B) Sign with the other team, in which case that team owes the Pats two 1st round draft picks. If the Pats tendered him the "exclusive" franchise tender (highly unlikely), he would be unable to negotiate with other teams.

    --If Samuel decides to sign the likely "non-exclusive" franchise tender, his 2007 salary will be about $7 million (the average of the top 5 CB cap hits as of the end of the regular season, or 120% of his 2006 cap hit, whichever is greater) and fully guaranteed. If the Pats offered him the "exclusive" tender, again highly unlikely, his 2007 salary will be the average of the top 5 CB cap hits as of the end of the FA signing period, or 120% of his 2006 cap hit, whichever is greater.

    --The Pats have until March 16 to sign Samuel to a mutli-year contract and still retain the privilege of using the franchise tag in future years.

    --If Samuel signs his franchise tender at any time, the Pats will be able to use the franchise tag again next year, including on Samuel again if they wish.

    --If the Pats sign Samuel to a mutli-year contact between March 17 and I believe July 20, they lose the privilege of the franchise tag for the duration of Samuel's contact

    --The Pats can only sign Samuel to his 1-year franchise tender after July 20 and until after the last regular season game.

    --The Pats can withdraw the franchise tag at any time and Samuel will immediately become a free agent on March 2.

    --Samuel has no obligation to sign the franchise tender and is (likely) free to negotiate with any other teams, but again, any team he signs with would either have to work out a trade with the Pats or give them two 1st round draft picks as compensation.
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