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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Fanfrom1960, Dec 29, 2007.

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    He was on the Costas Now radio show, just now, and he was practically gushing about the Patriots and Bill Belichick. First, Costas asked him where he'd rank Belichick in the all time coaches category. King said definitely in the top 5, what with winning the 3 super bowls in such short order, in the salary cap era, etc. I was thinking I'd do better: Lombardi, Walsh, Belichick, not necessarily in that order. But then King went on to say how the Patriots find guys that were doing nothing with other teams like Izzo and Vrabel, bring them in and they become very key guys. Then said about malcontents like Dillon and Moss coming in and being model guys that perform about as well as they ever did, for not outlandish money. He mentioned Seau, who'd declared he was retired and wouldn't play again unless it was for insane money. His agent gave him a call and said the Patriots were interested, and he said "sign me up", and he got "just" one million dollars. King also said at least one owner last year told him he was furious that the Patriots were getting Adalius Thomas for like $6 million a year when SF would have given him 8. And then there's Tom Brady, who makes less that about 5 other QBs in the league and is a magnet for players to come in because of his reputation of unselfishness and leadership ability, and he plays pretty well, too. Finally, King said this advantage for the Patriots could continue for several more years. Again, he said other owners don't like it, but I guess it's tough titty. There was a thread based on this premise, maybe I should have looked for it.
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    The Pats are very good when it comes to managing money. Could you imagine how the Pats cap room would be if they kept guys like Ty Law, Deion Branch, and Vinatieri??
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    It sounds like Peter King reads this message board, specifically the 'monopoly' thread that said the exact same thing.

    Peter, if you are reading this, you suck.

    You continue to insist there is some vast secret that Goodell buried that implicates the Patriots, when it is the other way around. The Patriots had proof, which has begun to come out (for example the 2006 Jets taping), of most other teams doing similar if not worse things than sideline video. Goodell realized the Pandora's box he opened, so he buried the issue and let the Patriots be the scapegoats.
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