ESSENTIAL OFF-SEASON VIEWING: "UNDEFEATED" documentary (this coach spoke to the Pats)

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    Fellow Pats Fans -

    With the long off-season upon us if you're like me you're desperate for quality football viewing. I just finished watching the documentary "Undefeated" on Netflix. It's about a down-and-out losing high school football program in Tennessee and one man's attempt to turn the program around. It's well worth 2 hours of your time, and if you have Netflix it's available for streaming. Here's the link to the preview:

    Undefeated | The Weinstein Company

    After watching the movie I googled the high school coach. Apparently Belichick brought him in to Foxboro for a motivational speech. (I guess Ron Brace was out sick that day....) Here's an update on the coach and blurb about the Pats:

    Catching up with Bill Courtney
    By Kyle Veazey on September 4, 2012 8:40 AM
    In Sunday's Commercial Appeal, our "A Season on the Inside" series on high school football in the Mid-South rolled on with a look at Manassas High School. In the wake of the release of "Undefeated" and the acclaim it received when it won an Academy Award back in February, I figured that some readers may want to know what's going on at Manassas these days. The story attempted to answer that.

    Bill Courtney, the man who created this whole Manassas movement, isn't currently involved, but we still spoke at length on Friday afternoon. Didn't get to include much about what he's doing now in the story, so I'll share it here. He has a new coaching job: He's a defensive assistant at Grace-St. Luke's, the Midtown private K-8 school.

    It's not Manassas, but one of his children is on his team. Courtney left Manassas after the 2009 season after realizing that he wasn't spending enough time with his children, and spent two years helping out at St. George's in Collierville, where he also has children.

    Courtney has a healthy schedule of speaking engagements and is represented by WME, a Los Angeles-based talent agency. He has spoken to the New England Patriots and has presented at a Nike-sponsored coaching clinic with the NFL's Pete Carroll. This month, he'll speak in Cleveland, Denver and Virginia Beach. He's also working on two books.

    But Manassas, just a few blocks from his office in North Memphis, maintains a place in his heart.

    "I miss it every day," he said. "I pull out of my business, take a left on Danny Thomas. I feel like a magnet that I'm having to drive away from."
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    Re: ESSENTIAL OFF-SEASON VIEWING: "UNDEFEATED" documentary (this coach spoke to the P

    I just watched this tonight and agreed; it was a great documentary. Thanks for the recommendation. Loved it!

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