Dan Graham appreciation thread

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    ok, even though he's a FA and might leave, here' some things we should be appreciative of.

    As a TE who helped in pass-protection, Dan Graham took a lot of abuse that could of happened to our HOF franchise QB.

    As a TE who helped in the run game (such as wham blocks), Graham did a lot of the dirty work for our running game.

    As a TE who caught Tom's passes, he went over the middle and took the big hit.
  2. rabthepat

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    I think Ben did a terrific job for us. He was a good blocker and caught some great catches. I thought he was going to be a top tier NFL TE. I have a feeling he might do well on another team.
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    I hope DG is back he always left everything on the field and did whatever the team wanted to help the team win. A case where stats don't tell the story of how good he is.
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    If you want to truly appreciate DG slap in 3-GTG-2 and watch the Carolina SB and just pick him out and watch on every play. His role in that game is very undervalued as is Smith's. What the two of them did in the running game and blocking in the passing game was insane.
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