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  1. Va_Pats_Fan

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    Assuming the worse, and no CBA is in place by the end of this season..

    1. Is there a franchise tag?
    2. When is the lockout most likely to happen, if it happens? Mar before the season starts? Before/after the draft?
    3. Player it possible? RFA's and UFA's?
    4. Does a draft occur if the players are locked out?
    5. Can contracts be negotiated if the players are locked out? ie, Mr. Brady?
  2. falloutboy14

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    Not a lawyer or expert, but here's my best shot:

    1. No
    2. Could be as early as OTAs (if there are OTAs) , but I doubt TC would start without a new CBA.
    3. I assume every player not under contract would be fair game. Technically, without a CBA, signing a player under contract from another team, might be possible. I can't imagine it'd happen, but without the CBA, all the rules which the NFL runs by will be gone.
    4. Technically, the draft is in the CBA, so there shouldn't be a draft. I imagine the teams/league will agree to conduct it as it normally would.
    5. Yes.

    As I understand it, without the CBA, there's no regulation of anything. Everything from fines, to the substance abuse policy to whatever rule the Ravens broke with overly-physical OTA's will no longer be in effect.

    The teams will likely conduct themselves normally, to present solidarity, for negotiation purposes, but it could literally become the wild-west, with 32 separate entities, attempting to work together as well as be highly-competitive.

    Without the CBA, the 32 NFL teams are just like any other US business. There's no salary minimum, drug policy, no 53-man roster requirement.
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  3. Frezo

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    Cameras, microphones, RF taps, Spy vs Spy, no money for ol' man Wilson, topless cheerleaders, Big Ben on the loose...we're doomed.
  4. MoLewisrocks

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    Not even close...

    Absent a CBA the league will operate (unless there is a lockout in which case everyone is in limbo) under rules specified in the last offer the NFL presented to the NFLPA. It's likely at that juncture if there is not a lockout life will go on almost normally while the union decertifies and heads to court to argue against provisions then in effect in hopes the courts will rule in their favor and force management into accepting alternate rules proposed by the union. That process can drag on for years through appeals. In the interim management would basically call their shots. The downside is eventually they might get some new rules imposed on them that they can't live with. Which remains why owners might lock players out and push for a CBA or no season...

    Whatever happens there will be a draft in 2011 and in all liklihood there will be the same rules in effect for tags and tenders as were in the 2010 CBA...again, because if there is a season or seasons going forward absent a CBA those will be played under rules determined solely by the owners. Left to their own devices they will not do away with the tags and they will likely retain the 6 years limits on FA...

    As for actual UFA's, unless the league plays they will probably remain unsigned since no owner is going to back up the brinks truck during a lockout.
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    Got me to laugh, it would be interesting wouldnt it?
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