Butkus/Schefter on Radio this morning

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    Butkus was on ESPN radio with Mike and Mike interesting points

    1. Thinks Favre > Starr all time.

    2. If the Bears cannot win the championship he'll root for the hated Packers because he loves the way the Favre plays the game and appreciates his love for the game.

    That's pretty huge for an Ex-Bear to say.

    3. Loves watching the Patriots because they are inventive and create new ways of doing things in place of just following current trends.

    4. Thinks the Pats are a class organization and that it starts at the top with Kraft.

    5. Thinks the spy gate is laughable and said the Packers and Bears were looking for these edges decades ago. Related a story where a player said to Hallas that there was something shiny coming out of a warehouse window across the street and Hallas had them search the building before continuing practice.

    Schefter on EEI.

    1. Chances of Vick playing again 10%

    2. Latest marijuana incident might affect his plea bargain.

    3. Latest marijuana incident killed any credibility from his apology.

    4. If the Patriots play the way they can they will win every game.

    5. Easterbrook is on an island and although some people around the league wish more video-gate evidence would be found nobody has anything beyond idle gossip.

    6. He feels Cincy is one of the games the Pats should be most worried about.

    7. If given the choice between Moss/Welker or CJ/TJ he would take Moss/Welker because they work different parts of the field and because Moss is on another level.

    8. He has long been a fan of Welker and has been arguing with Marshall Faulk about how good Welker is since Welker was a Fin. Marshall still doesn't get it.
  2. Cramden

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    Great stuff thanks!!

    I was pi$$ed at Mike & Mike this am. Mike G was doing the best he could to give credence and airtime to Easterbrook's article. Went as far as reading excerpts from it.
  3. PAPatsjunkie

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    Yeah, way to go Mike & Mike, for not saying a word about what Butkus said about the Patriots.... yet spend 20 minutes discussing the wonderful work of Easterbrook. Couple of morons.
  4. marty

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    8. - Don't know what it is about Marshall, but I just can't stand his overly smiley face! He doesn't seem to bring much thought to the discussions, nor add insightful information. I find myself watching NFL channel less and less.
  5. Canada's #1 Pats Fan

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    He is and always be upset that his Rams, as 14 point favourites in the SuperBowl, lost to the Pats where his "Greatest Show on Turf" Rams were made to look like boys playing against men.
  6. everlong

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    I agree that Marshall is biased against the Pats but I think his analysis and interviewing skills are equally awful when talking about other subject. I would much rather see Terrel Davis, Sterling Sharpe, Solomon Wilcox, even Jessie Palmer is better and that's saying something.
  7. marty

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    My favorite was Jamie Dukes! He was pretty solid with his commentary and sometimes funny as he11 too!!:p
  8. carolinatony

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    Believe it or Not Butkus probabaly would be fined a lot if he played today.
    He just killed players when he hit them!
  9. bentbryan

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    Uh....WRONG! He said Easterbrook is NOT on an island.

    Did you even really LISTEN to the interview?

    If you're gonna paraphrase what you heard on the radio, GET IT RIGHT!!!
  10. everlong

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    Maybe you should listen again. He said the story has lost it's legs and that unless somebody dug up some new concrete evidence the story was pretty much dead.

    He said there were some people around the league who wished it wasn't dead and had ideas on the issue but in his opinion they were nothing more than gossip. He attributed some of this to jealousy or hatred of the Patriots.

    So if you're going to call somebody out get your facts straight.

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