Bruins vs Chicago (Because it's the Stanley Cup)

Discussion in 'Boston Bruins Fan Talk' started by Brady_to_Moss, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. TheBostonStraggler

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    Something changed, that's for sure. They went from an almost un-penetrable D to one that was all of a sudden giving up too many things like second chances (among other things). Just a tide shift in the series that was clearly evident..
  2. The Brandon Five

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    This is getting to be too common around here...


    Celtics blow 13 point lead in Game 7...

    Welker...then Manningham...

    Two goals in 17 seconds in a SC final? Really? I thought it was the Hawks who pulled the goalie at that point.
  3. captain insano

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    its like the sports gods are making things even out. boston has had to much success so they must lose and in a gut wrenching extremely painful way. this lose out does how Toronto lost in game 7 1st rd. im in shock. I gotta stop following sports maybe. I take this stuff to much to heart. if this hurts this much to me imagine how the players feel. :(:( whats next? a redsox team without a closer and mounting injuries with every passing day[same old sox] and a patriots team with nobody to throw to and injury prone players up and down the roster. a Celtics team with a coach who bails out because he knows how much they will suk. I need a drink.
  4. fair catch fryar

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    Depth wasn't the problem and regardless of the 3 straight losses and Chara's age, defense is still a strong area going into next year especially when you have Bartkowski and Dougie Hamilton waiting in the wings. What they really need is for Seguin to learn how to be physical and be able to carry the puck to the net, sign Rask for the long term, and find a legitimate, pure, goal scorer.

    I'll give credit to the Blackhawks because they were the best team, but this series was a few bounces away from going to Boston.
  5. Brady_to_Moss

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    75 days until football!
  6. chicowalker

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    I think the defense more or less played the way it always did, with the exception of game 3. All season and throughout the playoffs there were breakdowns and problems clearing the front of the net and clearing the zone. Often, Rask saved them or they got a break when the opponent failed to capitalize.

    Great season, disappointing and abrupt ending, unfortunately.
  7. Brady_to_Moss

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    D played amazing in the pitt series...fell apart in the BH series
  8. chicowalker

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    I think both of those characterizations are exaggerated.

    I think people have forgotten how many opportunities the Penguins had, especially early in games and early in the series. We easily could have lost that series were it not for Rask and some good luck.
  9. KontradictioN

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    Percocet is a hell of a drug...

    Great playoffs for a newer hockey watcher (can't call myself a fan just yet) such as myself. Disappointing about the result. I can't imagine how crushed some of you are that have been following the Bruins all your lives. Look on the bright side, we're about two months away from football. :D
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    hes under observation at the hospital today. what a animal he is:rocker:. im proud hes a bruin. hopefully he heals up quick and is ready to go next year.

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