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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by spacecrime, Apr 30, 2006.

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    I was too brief in my question, evidently, and did not get my meaning across. Here is another attempt:

    Acknowledging that none of us know who any player will play next year, and that this is all speculation as we have been doing draft-wise for months, what is you opinion of the relative values of Branch and Jackson to our team when December rolls around, specifically,

    1. Who has the higher ceiling (i.e., greatest potential), Branch or Jackson?

    2. Acknowledging that BB does not publish a depth chart of #1 and #2 at any position, we fans generally acknowlege #1, #2, #3, etc at each position. For example, last year I think most of us would agree that Brady was #1 QB, followed by Flutie, then Cassel. Similarly, Branch #1 last year, Givens #2, #3 somewhat debatable. Dillon #1 RB, Faulk #2, Pass #3. Given all this as a guide, who do you think will be #1 WR nex December.

    Maybe I should do this as a POLL?
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    Next December? Branch
    Dec 07? Branch
    Dec 08? Probably Branch

    Branch has 4 years experience, has been in a bunch of playoff games and is a super bowl MVP. He has developed a relationship w/ Brady that can only occur after thousands of repetitions in practice and games. Jackson may be good, maybe even right away, but there's no reason to believe Branch won't get better. If history is any indication, he should be entering his prime right about now.

    If Jackson turns into an absolute stud, he probably passes Branch someday, but that day is certainly not this year and I'd be stunned if it were next year either.

    I hope Jackson is better than Branch. That would mean that Brady will have 2 awesome targets for years to come.

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