Brady vs Rodgers vs Manning

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by NEPettyOfficer72, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. NEPettyOfficer72

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    So while I was at work today, we were all talking about football and I came up with a poll... it was 29 of us and I asked them who do you all think is the best qb in the NFL and I got everybody to write down their choices (we passed the piece of paper around) and I'll type exactly what they wrote.. I told them I would post it on this forum, but want feedback from all of you. Of course names are anonymous

    Person #1 - Aaron Rodgers is the best in the NFL currently

    Person #2 - Brady, Rings + Playoff success

    Person #3 - Rogers

    Person #4 - Rogers he can run!

    Person #5 - Peyton Manning

    Person #6 - TB, and he maybe the GOAT

    Person #7 - Brady

    Person #8 - guy doesn't age, Brady all day

    Person #9 - TOM

    Person# 10 - Rodgers, would be Tom but Rodgers can run

    Person#11 - Peyton Manning.. slightly over Brady

    Person#12 - Brady, Jordan of football

    Person#13 - Close.. would take Rogers, don't know

    Person#14 - Tom Brady had bad defense and still went to AFC Champ games

    Person#15 - Montana vs Brady lol

    Person#16 - Aaron Rodgers

    Person#17 - Rodgers, but a hair over Brady

    Person#18 - Tom.. dude remains best of the best

    Person#19 - Peyton?

    Person#20 - BRADY BEST EVA! but Go 49ers lol

    Person#21 - Tom

    Person#22 - A-A-R-O-N R-O-D-G-E-R-S

    Person#23 - Tom a beast but Rodgers that Fire!

    Person#24 - dude 36 yrs old but still deadly accurate got to go with Golden boy

    Person#25 - Rodgers, Manning don't know

    Person#26 - Brady, T

    Person#27 - ALL 3! LOL No... Aaron or Tom, aaron by a centimeter

    Person#28 - Tom - no brainer

    Person#29 - Brady
  2. NEPettyOfficer72

    NEPettyOfficer72 On the Game Day Roster

    Don't see a lot of love for Peyton lol and Brees is not even on there? lol ..
  3. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    what about "Ceiling Unlimitedchez!"...oh wait...this isn't azz vs. face...sorry
  4. NEPettyOfficer72

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    Looks like a dual between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.. and honestly, coming from different fans of the league I'm amazed by the respect that Tom still gets, I thought people hate us
  5. Joey007

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    Success tends to be hated. That doesn't mean it's denied.
  6. BritPat

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    As an aside, the next time you watch the Packers, just concentrate solely on Rodgers. The kid is a phenom. I love Tom and wouldn't swap him for anyone, whilst I respect the heck out of Goober and Brees - but Rodgers is the best in the league by quite a wide margin. He's absolutely poetry in motion. You can't help but like him and respect the way he goes about his business. No histrionics and whining, no throwing team-mates under the bus - just God-given talent on display to the extreme. It's a pleasure to watch him.
  7. Archeryaddict12

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    Yep, when Tom gets at least his 4th ring it will be undeniable that he is the goat.
  8. Archeryaddict12

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    When did Tom throw someone under the bus? And just for kickers isn't success measured in championships. Isn't that the standard really for a QB?
  9. BritPat

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    Who mentioned Brady throwing people under-the bus? And have you seen the Packers recently? Their D is worse than ours, yet he wins them so many games.
  10. Fixit

    Fixit Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Unless he gets behind late, in which case he's not so good.
  11. BritPat

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    When all a team can do is pass pass pass, then the chance of them coming back from a fourth quarter deficit is slim to none, especially when the defense couldn't stop a Pop Warner team.

    The Packers are what they are, a team that needs to win the game from the start, like a pace-setter with the stamina to only go so far and for so long.
  12. AndyJohnson

    AndyJohnson Veteran Supporter

    Rodgers = winner has become very overrated.
    He has one season with more than 11 wins, and in that season he lost in his first playoff game.
    He has one SB season, but other than that is 1-3 in the postseason beating only the weak 12 Vikings playing without their starting QB.

    In terms of winning, he has 1 excellent regular season, and 1 excellent post season.

    As far as his defense, the year he won the SB they were 2nd in points and 5th on yards.
    Their average rankings since he became the starter are 12 and 14 last year they were 11 and 11. You are taking the one poor defensive season (2011) and projecting it to other years. Taking that season out their average rankings are 10.5 and 9.5, in other words a borderline top 10 D.
  13. Archeryaddict12

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    I have seen it, but when our D was 31st in 2011 we almost won it all. Rodgers flopped like a fish out of water. He is good, but he isn't great. Brady defines great.
  14. AndyJohnson

    AndyJohnson Veteran Supporter

    That link says Rodgers is one of the 2 worst EVER at 4th quarter comebacks. Take that for what its worth, but your response implies he has the 2nd worst ever supporting cast.
    The Packers are a strong team with a good defense (that stunk one year) a TON of weapons for Rodgers to throw to and a usually decent (but for last year) running game that they choose to not use much.
  15. Salva135

    Salva135 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Rodgers also has Mike McCarthy, who inexplicably runs the ball on 1st and 2nd downs despite an elite QB and no running game whatsoever, and is extremely conservative on 4th down. I've seen them move the ball at will only for McCarthy to call for a FG on the 30 on 4th and 1. If Belichick were coaching the Packers I seriously think they could average close to 38-40 points per game.

    It's not sacrilege to suggest that Rodgers is better than Brady right now. He can read defenses almost as well as Brady does, has a better deep ball, and much more mobility. And if you want to crap on Rodgers' recent playoff record, keep in mind his 2011 MVP season ended at the hands of the Giants, who destroyed their offensive line and their offense's rhythm. I think we can be sympathetic to that situation.
  16. pherein

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    why isnt Brees in this discussion? lol Beats Manning and Rogers on most stats. Just saying, and same SB count. This a guys we like club?

    eer did Brees loss points for being intellegent, having his own opinion, anoying, to small, or the mole ,hehe
  17. ArchAngel007

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    I know this is a Patriots board and all and we are all Patriots fan, so may be extremely biased...but it's Brady look since Brady took over he has been compared to Manning, followed by Manning and Brees then Bree's and Rodgers and now Manning and Brees one constant remained the same and that is Brady. So glad he is our quarterback
  18. Salva135

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    I wouldn't give up Brady for any of these guys on the spot, but that doesn't mean we can't acknowledge the other excellent QB play happening in this league right now. Goodell wanted it this way, and he got it.
  19. Salva135

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    He should be. He had a sub-par year by his standards, but that defense was worse than what the Pats trotted out in 2011, and that team went through serious turmoil. Brees is still elite until proven otherwise.
  20. Demosthenes

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    If QB success/greatness were measured by Championships, then you'd have to conclude that Trent Dilfer was a better QB than the likes of Dan Marino, Jim Kelley, Warren Moon, and Dan Fouts. Also, that he would be on par with guys like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Brett Favre. Something seems kind of off kilter about that assessment :)

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