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    20 regular season games.

    The last regular season game Tom Brady lost at home was:

    November 12, 2006 (vs. NYJ, 17-14)

    Two weeks later, the Patriots beat the Bears 17-13. They finished the season beating the Lions and Texans. 3 straight.

    Obviously in 2007, they won all 8 home games. 11 straight.

    One official game started in 2008, vs. KC. 12 straight.

    Ran the table again in 2009. 20 straight.

    If you count the playoffs, the Patriots under Brady had won 23 consecutive home games. After last year's implosion to Baltimore on our turf, no wonder why it was so jarring. But putting things in perspective, I'm not betting against the Patriots on Sunday. Sure, this streak will end, but the opponent will need to be worthy of breaking it.

    BY THE WAY: The loss to the Jets in '06 was the Patriots second consecutive home loss (lost to Colts the week before.) Not sure if anyone here remembers that loss, but this board officially went to the mental asylum in fear that the Patriots would never recover. Well, no championships since then, but a damn good run nonetheless.
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    I obviously wasn't on the board back then, but I think I can imagine what it was like!!

    And that is a pretty impressive stat! Any other players with records like that?
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