Belichick lists Grossman as doubtful

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by FloridaHerb, Nov 22, 2006.

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    Would love to see BB actually do some of these things just to spite the NFL. But that would probably go too far and actually provoke Polian and his rules group to actually take action.
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    Brilliant!! And they said satire was dead.
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    That was freakin' funny, so much so that it must have been written by a Brit.
  6. FloridaHerb

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    Uhm......yeah I'm pretty sure it's not true but thanks for pointing out the obvious, also we won't be watching Patriots and Bears fight each other Sunday, they're actually highly trained athletes representing their respective teams with MASCOTS who are fierce animals and revolutionary war soldiers.
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    :D. Now, the question is whether a bunch of Revolutionary musketeers would be able to load, aim and shoot quickly enough to avoid being mauled to death.
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  8. I knew it was a joke after reading Lovie Smith calling BB a "son of a b*&^". It actually would be pretty funny if BB came out with an injury report for the opposing team.
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    Weren't Colonial-era muskets so inaccurate that the safest place to stand was directly in front of them?

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