BB's Three Rules to the Draft

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BlitzFritz, May 1, 2011.

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    I was 100% sure that BB would trade #28 and turn it into a 1st next year, and a 2nd this year. He does it every year. There are some pretty obvious things at work here.

    BB looks at the draft as if he is going to be running the Pats forever. He thinks like an owner / manager.

    1. LONG TERM ADVANTAGE FROM EXTRA PICKS: He will stockpile two 1sts, and multiple 2nds. However he needs to. (Even if he needs to trade Richard Seymour a year early.) Why? Because as we always see, he can pikc with the first 1st, then trade the second 1st, to get another second and a 1st next year. Someone called it banking a 1st, and getting a second this year as interest. Do the same with one of your 2nds. No one else has the balls and vision to do this.

    you can only do this is you have the will power to NOT USE a second 1st rounder! you have to be willing to think about yourself next year.

    2. FOCUSED IMPACT ON THE THE DRAFT ON NEXT YEARS TEAM: NFL year one starters are targeted in the 1st round. Those picks need to be able to start. EVERY OTHER PICK IS TARGETING THE NEEDS OF THE TEAM IN FUTURE YEARS. (in theory. last year was a "very deep draft" according to BB and you had 1st rounders available all the way thru the 2nd round)

    so you cant look to the draft to fix all of last years problems. you get 1 or 2 picks that will make a huge difference. People need to stop talking about HELPING THE TEAM NEXT YEAR. BB picked an OT and CB, because of the run on OLB / DE.

    He didnt see a difference maker of the same quality when his picks came up.
    And it cost value to move up.

    3. HIDDEN IMPACT OF PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: MOST of the help to the team next year comes from 2 sources The first is FA. The second is the improvement of EXISTING PLAYERS. The guys we draft 1 or 2 or 3 years ago. The guys who got into the system and are progressing. For example, the pass rush WILL be better - because Cunningham will be stronger, Ninko will be better (look at his arc), Eric Moore will develop etc.


    Funny how none of the talking heads discuss any of this... They make it sound like winning the draft is winning the super bowl. It's not. This is why BB always tries to put it in perspective.

    -- FRITZ
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