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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Bill B., Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Bill B.

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    I am not usually one to complain about the officiating, but to give a taunting call to Troy Brown when it seemed the referee missed the ball when Troy tossed it to him was ridiculous. On that very play the Colt defender gave a little shove to Troy's leg when he was upside down and out of bounds. Should have been a call on the Colts. Some of the fans at the sports bar I was at were shouting, "The fix is in." We all laughed at that, but when you see a phantom pass interference on Samuels and a fumble called on Dillon that was obviously caused by the ground, then you have to wonder. Marvin Harrison should also have been called for pushing off on his TD catch.

    I am not saying the Patriots lost because of the officiating, but the zebras were pretty bad last night.
  2. DB15

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    I agree that call was brutal
  3. ayjackson

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    the personal foul on Colvin was brutal as well....the refs didn't blow the play was one-on-one on the tackle and forward progress was halted but the zebras weren't blowing the play and I was thinking, "well someone go pop him before he breaks free" Colvin went in....not only did the whistle not sound until he was about six inches from contact, but contact was with his own player....he missed the colt (addai?).....i replayed it immediately to see if i just missed the whistle....i certainly did not....that's how it went down and Colvin was pissed.

    that crew was pathetic and worked there last big game for a while
  4. Alk

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    The Brown call was the only one you'll ever hear me ***** about and it has nothing to do with me thinking it had any effect on the outcome of the game. It was because it was just plain ridiculous and an absolute insult to a classy player like Brown. That man has probably played 17 seasons without a single personal foul until that one. I looked at it as the ref was penalizing Brown because he was born with a pair of bricks for hands. If I were Troy, the next time I caught a ball I definately would have done something smartass to that ref. Like walk up and gently hand the ball to the ref.
  5. Michael

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    It got a flag becuase it was literally right in the refs face. We all know Troy and know it was anything but a taunt. Even if the dolt (who did put an out-of-bounds hit on Troy's leg) was behind the official. The problem is they're all part-time NFL officials and full-time doctors, lawyers etc. Their egos are bigger than their asses and no football player is going to do anything they feel is disrepect in front of them. It's time to tell the doctors and lawyers to go sit in the stands with the other Peyton fans and get professional full-time officials. The play-offs and the Superbowl last year were absolutely decided by the zebras and the video evidence bears that out. There was so much talk about it last year I truly hoped they would start to take steps to resolve the issue. But, from what we've seen so far they have not. Looking at last nights game and all the bogus calls against the Pats and last week with the bogus calls against the Vikings that made this Pats fan cringe it would appear it's worse than ever.
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  6. Murphys95

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    I agree, dumb call by the official, but it had zero impact on the end result. The Pats shot themselves in the foot with turnovers.

    As for Dillon - after seeing the replay, there was no way to overturn that call. It was a fumble.

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