A Team I No Longer Recognize (A Pats fans perspective of her favorite team)

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  2. rsd

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    Re: A Team I No Longer Recognize (A Pats fans perspective of his favorite team)

    Extremely dumb article written by a dumber writer.

    I closed the window the second she compared them to the Yankees.


    EDIT: And a pink hat obviously. This person is neither a fan of the NFL or the Patriots, but rather roots for the underdog..big deal. Go root for the Browns or KC or STL then.
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  3. PatsWickedPissah

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    Re: A Team I No Longer Recognize (A Pats fans perspective of his favorite team)

    So some weenie pseudo-fan is disenchanted because of 'Spygate', because the Pats win by too many points, because Tom Brady wore a business suit to London and because the original SB winning players are old enough to have retired. Cry me a river.
  4. eagle eye

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    He is only a kid. I mean who doesn't remember Pete Carroll being here, thats only 12 or 13 years ago ffs. So I estimate this guy is 23 tops and maybe a lot younger. While he claims not to be a fairweather fan, his first memory is of us in a superbowl and five years later we won it. He didn't have to wait long in fairness. Try waiting many, many years and things got worse before they got better.
  5. PatsSox363804

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    Anyone who feels the need to state they aren't a fairweather fan probably is one. Better off without her "wah, Brady is wearing a suit no the plane" shut up.


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    A Woman wrote the article...First name Maegan..I assume its a female
  7. Lampshade

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    I have no idea why that deserves to be in print.


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    These days anyone can write an article.....This one was unusual so I thought it was interesting...dumb but interesting
  9. Pats726

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    NO perspective at all....more like a fairweather fan who has NO IDEA about what it is like to wait a few decades to even GET in the SUper Bowl...pathetic...
  10. BelizePats

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    "Unbelievable" is all I can say after reading that.
    As my girlfriend would say, 'That girl needs a good ***** slap".
  11. jays52

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    It's pretty sad when a college chick gets nostalgic.
  12. Lampshade

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    There is no substance to the piece. Brady wore a suit, and close games are more exciting than blowouts! Who knew?

    It's a piece that - if written - needs to be written by a fan whose earliest memory is way before 1996. This is a fan who has known one losing season. Writing for the sake of writing about herself.
  13. Patsfanin Philly

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    And she wrote,
    As someone that normally roots for the underdogs, like BC over Notre Dame "
    A Real sports fan would know that BC had Notre Dame's number winning, if I remember correctly 6 in a row over the Irish. While they lost several weeks ago, that isn't an underdog in my book. Overall ND leads the series 10-9.
    Probably as someone wrote, a Gen Y 20ish writer who hasn't had the longevity to appreciate multiple 2-14 seasons in their memory.. If so, they never would have written that piece.
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  14. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Article was a waste of 0101010101
  15. Bill B.

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    Sorry, but after years of witnessing numerous losing seasons, I don't see how a true fan could be tired of WINNING. My 13 year old daughter gets it. She gets upset with every loss and cheers hard when we win. The bigger the blowout the harder she cheers. This hack should get off the bandwagon and go home and put on an apron amd just do housework, if she can't appreciate the accomplishments of this team.
  16. BostonRedskin

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    A Team I No Longer Recognize - Sports

    So she isnt a fairweather fan?

    1. Says she jumped on the bandwagon after the first Super Bowl win. So she doesnt want people to think she is a fairweather fan yet she admits she is a bandwagon fan.

    2. She says her fandom goes on before the first SB win yet she says she truly became a fan after the first SB win. Thats a fairweather fan.

    3. Now she is tired of the team and wants to jump off of the bandwagon because she doesnt like some things surrounding the team. That to me is a fairweather fan.

    So by writing this article saying she isnt a fairweather fan she actually admitted she is a bandwagon and fairweather fan. Thats funny. :rofl:

    Who wants to bet she starts rooting for the Steelers. You know they did win 2 of the last 4 Super Bowls. :rofl:
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  17. Wolfpack

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    The entire Boston area is suffering from a bout of championship fatigue. Interest and enthusiasm in the local teams is clearly on the decline. Anything short of a championship season just doesn't garner as much attention as it used to. The Boston Red Sox just got swept out of the playoffs and you can't find terribly many people that really give a crap.

    Now don't get me wrong... true fans are true fans and will live and die with the teams, and it is clear that the vast majority of people on this board fall into that category. But it is also clear that all the pink hats and wanna-be's are jumping off the bandwagon. After all, it's been 4 full years since we've won a Super Bowl. Who could possibly be expected to stay with a team for such an interminably long period of time?
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  18. MoLewisrocks

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    She's just the second cousin of all the chicken littles that drag this place down because they get ascared of every team they see on the schedule who won their last game or cry because the national media doesn't like us or meltdown if mediots or fans nationally don't rank us in the top 5 of every poll or...

    Since 2001 and even dating back to Parcell's arrival this team has been increasing it's following at the expense of diminishing a real fan base.
  19. patriots pam

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    UGH! After seeing this, all I can think to say is...

    NOT ALL OF US WITH OVARIES ARE IDIOTS! Way to represent, dumbass! :rolleyes:

    Thanks, I feel better now! :D
  20. BostonRedskin

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    All I can say is :rofl:

    Nice post.
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