A NFC / November MUST win.....

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    Normally, in a long 16 game season, the losses that hurt the least are NFC losses. While this may still hold true, this game Vs GB is about as much of a "MUST" as we will ever find.

    Win it and the train is back on track to win the division going away and contend for the bye.

    Lose it and the bye becomes doubtful as well as a real dogfight just to win our division.

    Our "D" is beat up, our "O" never made it home from Minnesota and our "ST's" are as much up as down.

    We need this game - it is a pivotal November game. Reminds me of 2002 when we needed to beat Tenn in Tenn and got blasted.

    Hopefully this team is pissed off and ready to play smart, hard and spirited football. If we do, we will win, if not, it will get real ugly around here.
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    it is not a must win.

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