A moment of silence for the Jets meltdown (merged LOL)

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by ctpatsfan77, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. Uncle Rico

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    Just so awesome. I wonder if this thread should be merged into the Jets Suck thread, kind of for the sake of posterity.
  2. JoeSixPat

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    I join in this moment of silence, expressing my heartfelt condolences for the entire Jets organization and their devoted fans, all for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration.

    While they may have fallen short of the goals so humbly professed by their head coach (who's private sexual fetishi are his and only his business), the Jets and all their fans can hold their heads high knowing they gave their all, in every minute of every game.

    I particularly appreciate how graciously the Jets players who were so bold in their pre-season predictions owned up to their classless remarks.

    Yay, I think I speak for all Patsfans when I offer my condolences for a strong organization in a season well-played.
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  3. RIpats88

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    the Jets were a bubble waiting to burst...when you build a culture based upon arrogance and pompous behavior like Ryan did its bound to implode at some point.

    when you build a team on neglecting the draft and signing vet headcases with a pompous coach who frequently talks smack in the press towards others and how great his team is. its bound to explode. is there any other team in the NFL with more arrogant/pompous A-holes in the NFL on it?...and you make holmes a captain!!

    this is why Belichick is so much better than ryan...you can argue that belichick has brady...but Bill wouldve never had a team as dysfunctional as Ryan. once guys like Moss or Haynesworth acted up they were off the team
  4. nabwong

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  5. DisgruntledTunaFan

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    Nah - probably just a hiccup season.

    It's worse in Dallas b/c this team under a much more disciplined coach ended up collapsing yet again in the month of Dec.

    Albeit this time, they don't have the "But Terrell Owens wrecked our locker room" or "But Wade Phillips was too laxed" excuse.
  6. SVN

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  7. olschool

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  8. Gwedd

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    I don't doubt that Sanchez still believes that, buried somewhere in that steaming pile of a JETS season and locker room, is a beautiful pony just waiting for him to rescue.
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  9. VJCPatriot

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    Re: JEST meltdown to begin in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1

    LOL. Santonio Holmes as a captain. You KNOW something's wrong with that picture just from that alone! Nice meltdown Jets! Keep trying to convince yourself that Sanchez is a real QB. How many superbowls has Rex promised and failed to deliver now?
  10. Maker's Muppet

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  11. MoLewisrocks

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    Not worse, actually quite similar. The fish rots from the head, whether your owner is simply an impressionable and easily manipulated tool fixated on making splashes or determined to be the actual GM to boot. Same problem that plagued the Raidah's for the last decade of Al's existence. Which is why it's a hoot to watch these clowns in the aftermath of every disappointing season that unfolds. Delusional Hue seems to think he's picked up the mantle in the black hole, like he was Al's illegit son or something. He wants more power so he can straighten out the mess he made already...
  12. zoostation

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    Couldn't agree more.

    And to add to this. The Jets are now more disliked than the Patriots around the rest of the league. The differences being the Patriots are hated because they win and their coach doesn't boast or talk much to the press. The Jets are hated because they talk about winning (and don't) and their coach boasts like a circus clown to the press and anyone who will listen.

    I for one, would rather be disliked for winning. :cool:
  13. MoLewisrocks

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    Pretty much nailed it. But I think what he doesn't get is Rex is what he is, it's a product of his upbringing and after 40 some years it isn't ever going to change. The Ravens management understood that, which is why they never considered him HC material.

    And Tannenbaum is what he is too, a sleazy little weasel better suited to cap and contract machinations than player personnel selection. He had zero experience in player evaluation when he used Eric to engineer his little bloodless coup in the JETS FO. He's only covering Rex's ass to save his own, and if it gets much dicier he will stab Tubby in the back to save it come next offseason. That's about all he learned in his stindt in the Bill Parcell's School of FO management. The Same Old Jets isn't just an on field mantra, it's why BB resigned on a ****tail napkin and departed there painted as a raving lunatic rather than become their next HC victim. And he warned Mangini but Eric, like Rex, just had too much ego to listen. It's a job you only undertake if you're desperate or stupid. X's and O's accumen won't save you in the swamp, just ask Eric. Any more than it would in Cleveland... Some jobs are just potential career enders and you take them at your own risk.

    That is why I chuckle at how delusional most of the fans and mediots in the swamp remain. They think everyone is just dying for a shot at coming to the fringes of NY and saving their miserable asses... Peyton Manning if a UFA would retire healthy first...
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  14. Clonamery

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    Tannenbum is another word for Horse****e. May he long be employed in the Johnson & Johnson Jetlife swamp.
  15. You should acknowledge that Rex has accomplished a lot. He does lead all active coaches with FIVE imaginary super bowl rings. The two he would have had with the Chargers and now three with the Jets.

    Did you know that he coached in two AFC championship games?
  16. Garbanza

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    Tomlinson is the biggest jackass of the Gridiron.

    Way to go, throwing a teammate under the bus....even if it's deserved. Keep that sheet in-house, shut-up and let the player in question hang himself. No media outbursts, required, LT.

    Quit? Funny, I remember a certain San Diego player sitting on a bench, helmet/darth vadar visor on and sulking during a playoff game not too many years ago. Kind of looked like he had checked out. Quit even. I'm looking at you, Mr. Tomlinson.

    I loathe LT. Always have. The guy is an azzhole.
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  17. Joker

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    yeah...but he's a clazzy azzole..[​IMG]
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  18. MoLewisrocks

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    And in this case he's actually doing his teamates a favor because he's articulating what they can't because he's on his way out the door. It's time to air all the dirty laundry because in the swamp that's the only shot they have of changing the status quo.

    He and his QB had their moments in SD...and neither one triumphed when seperated. That's because the problems they faced, just like the ones the JETS face, emanate from the top. With the socalled team builders. And until those clowns get their act together no amount of talent or lack thereof will accomplish anything meaningful, just entertainment in the form of comic relief provided to opposing fans.

    Although some opposing fans are dumb as bricks, like JETS fans. Closet JET fans like Patsfan Grogan over on Gangreen who keeps trying to diffuse any building anti Rex sentiment among JETSfans by insisting if BB were to go tomorrow he'd want Rex as the next HC of the NEP...:bricks:
  19. reflexblue

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    Great read, One of my favorite quotes is by tannenbaum....."Tannenbaum praised the New York Giants for discovering Victor Cruz "out of nowhere" and added, "Our locker room is full of those types of guys." :rofl:

    The Jests were a house of cards held up by Fatso's baffoonery and bluster. It really didn't take much for it to completely collapse
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  20. IllegalContact

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    the jets now remind me of a car that is flipping end over end because a tire flew off......except that it won't stop flipping over....it just keeps rolling and rolling.
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