A look back at the Pats history record at beginning of new decades

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    This is not for those who think the past history is worthless when talking about a new year and a new team but its just a little harmless genuine interesting look at the history of the Patriots in NFL/AFL years that ended with a '0'

    1960 - Pats team 5-9 finish 4th in division
    1970 - Pats team 2-12 finish last in division
    1980 - Pats team 10-6 finish 2nd in division
    1990 - Pats team 1-15 finish last in division
    2000 - Pats team 5-11 finish last in division
    2010 - ????? TBD

    Some will look at this and say its dumb and means nothing and you may well be right,some will say Belichick will never have those sort of records as above as long as he is coach here.

    Some will say its really irrelevant and a waste of a thread and deserves one star rating.

    But one thing you have to also say,the Pats in history regardless of coaches,players and owners have been horrid in the first year of a new decade with the exception of 1980 but they missed the playoffs that season as well.

    Pats in the beginning of a new decade regular season record totals - 23 Wins 53 Losses - 0 Playoff appearances

    I hope this year changes those records in a positive way :cool:
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  2. Ice_Ice_Brady

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    When you take the six games the Patriots have taken played on on a combined numerical date of 31 (9+12+10) and divide it by the number of predicted storms scheduled over the next year (8), the Patriots have a record of 3-11, but on the other token, when you take Bill Belichick's total days as a head coach and multiply it by the square root of the previous Super Bowl MVP's jersey number (9), the Pats are 4-1.

    I think I'll just stick to predicting games and records by current players, coaching, and schedule.
  3. AndyJohnson

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    Let me guess, you wouldnt trade for any 2012 picks because the world is going to end.
  4. RayClay

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    1970 = Joe Kapp and the exit of Clive Rush. Mere statistics cannot capture the horror and unintentional comedy.:D
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  5. fgssand

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    Not to worry...........This is the only decade to be ushered in with Tom Brady as the starting QB.

    People all over the league just seem to forget that fact.

    We'll be fine.................12-4, division title again and deep playoff run that just might finish happily in Dallas.

    DO NOT bet against Tom Brady.
  6. patsfan13

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    I remember how excited people were that we had the Vikings QB that fot them to the SB...then the reality of the Pats year ... :p
  7. RayClay

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    I've seen 5 year olds throw a better ball than him. I don't think he could throw a spiral. He was tough as hell and had some good qualities, but WTF?

    Of course Rush was the architect of the Jets Super Bowl win. How could you go wrong there?:D

    Gawd, you had to laugh to keep from crying.
  8. jmt57

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    Yeah, I was one of those fools. It took decades to erase the name Joe Kapp from my memory .... oh well.

    Three touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Kapp's 1970 season made Ryan Leaf look like a Hall of Famer in comparison.
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