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    In about 24 hours the AFC Championship game will be wraping up. We will know the Super Bowl match up. Someone will be receiving the Lamar Hunt Trophy on the field in Indianapolis. Our nerves will likely have subsided; our stomachs will be in knots, either with anticipation of another ring, or agonizing over what could have been.

    No matter the outcome, our team can hold its head up high. A team that has lost three coordinators in two years, lost several top level players, and has taken a ton of hits from the media has shown no signs of slowing down. Between the cap and draft picks, the future, as well as the present, is bright.

    This franchise has come so far over the last ten or so years. Instead of just being happy to be there as we may have been in Super Bowl 31, us fans are expecting a win. What's more, the players expect a win as well. They know they are prepared, they know they have better than a puncher's chance, and there is nothing more you can ask for this close to game time.
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    All I can hope for is that we give it our all and dont turn the ball over. So we need to play the best 60 minutes of football we have played in 2 seasons to win this one. Brady must bring his A Game and our defense MUST bring their A game.
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    I am looking forward to the rest, either the offseason or the week off before the stress hits again. I expect a win - actually a big win - but it will be what it will be. If the Colts make it they will have earned it by beating us.

    As you said, the last 6 years have been amazing - more than any fan can rightly deserve. And if we lose this week it's still been a tremendous year from a team we can proudly call our favorite team.

    They won't lose, though.
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    In 24 hours I have a feeling everyone here will be celebrating. Except for the Colts fans that will probably come here crying.
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    Having watched the ats for many years there are times that I didn't feel the team was giving it their all. The group of palyers that BB/SP have assembeled always give a great effort win or lose. This is a very easy team to like because of the character of the players and the way they play the game, contrast this group with the Giants....

    Looking forward eagarly to the game tomorrow, would love to see the pundits eating crow again (of course they never own up to their mistakes).

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