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Why was Mayo hired?

All 3 could be true

1. Kraft really liked Mayo as a person and a leader
2. He planned for a seamless transition
3. Part of reason for # 2 is he knew the team might be in the dumpster and that coaching opportunities with pats in short term might not be attractive to top tier candidates due to no qb and no OL and no skill players

Might also explain the slow movement on OC and DC. Also no big and established names for team thst is years away from contending
The slow movement is just them doing due diligence, it's very normal for teams to take a while. Atlanta hasn't even hired a coach yet with all their interviews.
OP's point about not being a desirable team for a head coach, along with similar comments for our OC search (the offense sucks so much nobody wants to come here) is something I don't understand. If it's me, give me something I can build from the ground up. Let me start everything all over, I don't want a middle of the pack QB to make it a more desirable offense, cause then I can't have my pick of QB in the draft at #3. I don't want above average WRs, cause then that means we might have to go for another position with MHJ sitting there. I don't know. Maybe I play Madden too much, but the most "fun" opportunities I would think are those where you have the most overhauling to do
Thunder thought hed make a good coach
Lol. He must've resd some of our threads.

There is no real evidence Kraft preferred Vrabel over Mayo.

Of course not, no one here has suggested that. The main reason is he assumed Vrabel would not be available. Conjecture suggests Jonathan felt otherwise after Vrabel was fired in Tennessee.

A very compelling argument can be made for Vrabel being the BETTER choice, at least short-term. But that possibility was precluded by RKK's apparent succession plan/promise to Mayo.

What Kraft has repeatedly said is Mayo was the guy, has special qualities and was always the guy. He's not stupid, he put into a contract he'd be the next guy because he believed he was a special coach. Thinking he regrets putting that in the contract or would have hired Vrabel if it wasn't means Kraft is a poor businessman and business decision maker, yet all his history points to that being inaccurate.

We haven't seen the contract and whether it explicitly stated Mayo would be the next head coach. All that HAS been confirmed is IF he was chosen they could circumvent the Rooney Rule per league permission. Of course, it makes sense that Mayo would interpret that as being promised the job if/when BB left. The wildcard in this scenario is it all coming down much sooner than anticipated due to 4-13.

Obviously, Kraft loves the guy and has great faith in him. I don't consider Mayo a bad choice, my only concern is his lack of experience and the anticipated growing pains taking however long to play out. I'm rooting for him. If he becomes Demeco Ryans 2.0, we'll all be ecstatic.
The rumor from Schefter was that "Kraft wanted his team back".
blah blah blah. Let's see how it goes.

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