Who deserves more blame for losing the Super Bowl?

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Who deserves more blame? Jimmy G or Garappolo

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My vote is Shanahan. At the point of Mahomes' 4th quarter interception, the #49ers had ran the ball 15 times for 117 yards - 7.8 yards per carry. They only ran it four more times for the rest of the game, and even then, Raheem Mostert averaged 7.3 per rush. Shanahan abandoned the run up 20-10. Why?

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Jimmy G played very well for 3 quarters even with the pick, but he absolutely choked down the stretch. I’m not just talking about the pick at the end; every time there was pressure he made the wrong decision and his accuracy was off.
But with all that said, Jimmy G wouldn’t have been in that position without Shanahan’s ineptitude. Shanahan was playing to his running attack and going conservative all postseason with Jimmy, yet he takes off the reins up 10 in the middle of the 4th quarter. With the running game working — he doesn’t have the SB 51 excuse to fall back on this time. The defense also choked in its play calling; while he may not be calling the D, he’s de facto given approval of his DC by giving him a free hand.

Tyrann Mathieu was grateful when 49ers started to throw the ball

So I vote Shanahan, but Jimmy did himself no favors last night.
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It's always a huge mistake to think KC can't score quickly at the end of a game. They're the perfect team to exploit the prevent defense, so if you're up 10, with 5:30 on the clock and 2nd and 4 and have the best running back situation in the NFL ---you gotta think THE CLOCK FIRST and that means RUN. like eve two failed running plays and a punt puts the clock at 3+ minutes & opponent on their 10 yard line But you have a 95% chance of a first down which should spell game over. I VOTE SHANIHAN.


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Shanahan, no doubt. He put Jimmy in a position that he wasn't ready for, and for no good reason.

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It’s gotta be Shannahan. Failed to kill the clock in the 4th. Plus the baffling decision at the end of the 2nd to actually burn the clock.


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Hard to blame either imo, sure alot couldve been better but they just flat out weren’t good enough. The pass on 2nd and 5 was iffy but i can understand the reasoning. They were doing great with the playaction for 3 quarters, jg was something like 18/21 at one point and most were easy completions. cant remember if there was playaction on this one but im not gonna kill them for it. Its just the nature of the game, this will fall on the qb shoulders for not making the plays at the end. Looked like he had Emmanuel for a td (also threw one behind him early when he was looking to bust a huge gain).


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I don't understand the bomb on 3rd-and-10 on the final drive. Yes, Sanders did his job and JG blew the throw. However, that's still a risky play at a moment were you don't need to score but do need to get the first down. 4th and 10 is tough to convert. I'm fine with that play on first or second down or on 3rd-and-short.

They should have run a play on 3rd-and-10 that would hopefully pick up the first down but if not had a real good chance of resulting in 4th-and-5 or better. Knowing you have two downs maybe you throw a high-percentage pass short of the sticks and hope the receiver can convert, but even if he can't you're at something like 4th-and-2, at which point you can use your whole playbook and the defense can't just pin their ears back and rush the QB.
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Mosley blew the coverage on 3rd and 15 prayer to Hill. Could’ve been a different game had that not happened.

Uncle Sherman getting roasted didn’t help as well.


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Garapollo was outright bad in the 4th Q. He's not a fit for that offense, imho.

But Shanahan blew it at the end of the first half by not trying to get points. Going into the game I would have assumed no matter what I did the Chief would put up 30. that means he needed to get points and instead he basically gave up a possession by not going all out to score with 54 seconds left.


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AWFUL coverage on that 3rd & 15 40 yard pass. It was a lob. Decent coverage probably would have picked it or at least knocked it down.
All said...
BAD offensive play calls by SF as QM, et. al. mentioned
And to my dismay Jimmy G was not up to Prime Time

Even after all these years I learned even more to appreciate TFB when the game is on the line


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All three teams KC faced puked with the lead.

KC is really good and stayed calm, adjusting and kicking ass.

This one's on Shanahan, I think, more than anyone else. Tell your team that it's smash-mouth time and smash some mouths.


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i forget when this happened, but at one pint JG was hit in the helmet by a helmet and when he was on the ground he took another second to get back up

his play started deteriorating sometime after that hit to the head, so my hunch is that is affected his play

had the refs been calling the 2nd half like the 1st half that would have been a 1st down play and SF prob wins the game