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Steve Balestrieri takes a look at this weekend's match-ups and believes the Patriots receivers should have their way against Pittsburgh's secondary.

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Early look at Sunday Notes: If the playoffs taught us anything, it's that the NFL is becoming more predictable

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@Ironhead334 I don't know why more people don't utilize it. Sincerely.

@GR365patriot I don't love him in this. Only if Hightower is hurt.

The @RamsNFL are still putting together their offensive staff, but Skip Peete is staying with the team as running backs coach.

Probably that he was released while injured

@DanWoods19 Hahahaha. Never, my man. We've been good from way back.

Also, the mute button appeals to the self-involved narcissist in me. "I disagree with you, but I really can't deny you my genius."

"Scream into the wind, little sparrow. Scream all you want. No one can hear you."

Go back & forth on block vs. mute button. Block is so final, but mute can be so much more satisfying.

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Tom Brady Sr. ‘could care less’ that Roger Goodell won’t be at AFC championship via @WEEI

Week 4 Sweet 16

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by ivanvamp, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. ivanvamp

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    Ok, the madness has to stop. Two games that were, on the last play, decided by bad calls. Yes, after watching the Ravens-Patriots ending about 25 times, especially from that camera shot from a fan behind the end zone, which was a perfect angle to see it, it was clear that it was a miss. Even the Ravens fans on the tape said it was no good, but that "I'll take it!" And obviously, the Packers got hosed last night big-time.

    Otherwise, a crazy week in the NFL, with teams you just don't expect to lose going down in flames (hello San Fran and New Orleans).

    1. Houston (+1) - Undefeated, hammering everyone in sight. Easy division, so they're very much on track for the #1 seed. The Patriots are going to have to win that matchup later on in the season.

    2. Atlanta (+1) - Also undefeated, just beat up the previously undefeated Chargers really badly this week, in San Diego no less.

    3. NY Giants (+4) - Abused the Panthers on the road on Thursday night, looking like a dominant team in the process. Here come the defending champs.

    4. San Francisco (-3) - Not a good game this week for them at all.

    5. Green Bay (-1) - Can't penalize them too badly when the game clearly was stolen from them by the refs.

    6. New England (--) - Sorry, but they beat the Ravens on Sunday night. The kick was no good. And if the refs get that right, we're talking about what a great and gutsy win it was for this team on the road against a terrific opponent. Not going to drop them. I think they're about to get on a roll.

    7. Baltimore (+1) - Didn't beat the Pats, but get credit for the win on a missed call at the end. Still, a very tough team.

    8. Arizona (+1) - I'd have them higher if the Pats and Packers had lost legitimately.

    9. Buffalo (+4) - Beat up on lowly Cleveland, but they're here mainly because other teams (like Pittsburgh, San Diego, Denver, etc.) all lost.

    10. Philadelphia (-5) - Still not really impressing me. Two very close, sloppy wins, and then getting drubbed by Arizona.

    11. Dallas (+4) - Moving back up after a win against Tampa Bay at home. Still not convinced that they're elite.

    12. Cincinnati (N/A) - Enters the sweet 16 after winning two straight. Beating Washington in D.C. is no joke.

    13. Chicago (N/A) - Beat up on the Rams. Back in the poll. Not sure how long they'll stay here.

    14. Minnesota (N/A) - Great, great win against San Francisco, and now sits at 2-1, surprisingly. Gotta give them props, and Christian Ponder is playing well.

    15. Seattle (N/A) - Like the Ravens, they didn't deserve to win, but nonetheless, they're at 2-1 and they're a pain in the butt to play.

    16. NY Jets (N/A) - I don't see them lasting long here with Revis done for the season, but they are tied for first in the AFCE at the moment.

    Moving Up: Hou, Atl, NYG, Bal, Ari, Buf, Dal
    Moving Down: SF, GB, Phi
    Moving In: Cin, Chi, Min, Sea, NYJ
    Moving Out: SD, Pit, Den, Was, Car
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