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Content Post Upon Rewatch of Week 1 some things I noticed

This has an opening post with good commentary and information, which we definitely recommend reading.


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Jan 22, 2020
I saw Barmore with Pressure several times. That being said, it was situational. Several times I noticed that the DTs weren't moving up the field so that Hurts wouldn't try and move outside the pocket. Leaving it more to he "Ends". Whether it was Uche, Judon, Wise, or White.
They contained hurts really well and played their assignments very disciplined was my impression


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Sep 17, 2009
Yeah, I thought Barmore actually looked pretty good Sunday, but I'm not a great Xs and Os kinda guy. I thought I saw him handling double-teams a few times and making things happen.


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Sep 7, 2006
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Just need to see what he is doing and/or how that helps his teammates.

If hes getting blown back 3 yards off the LoS, turned/pancaked by a single OL so a running lane is established or lets a RB or QB run by him thats not good.

If hes holding his ground on the play and keeping a QB in the pocket (especially for a guy like Hurts), making tackles, or collapsing the pocket or drawing a double team so other rushers/tacklers have more favorable matchups and make plays then he is doing his job.
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May 16, 2008
- But for the Mac haters it may be a long season. He actually played really well in this game.
That can't be right. Reading the board here, he sucks. 64.8% completion, 318 yards, 3 TDs and a pick for a 91.3 rating, against the defending NFCCs. Surely this is a guy who's not long for the job. I mean, that's what I am led to believe.

Oh, our receivers suck too.

Ok, now to be serious, good post, @mgcolby. I appreciate the breakdown.

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Dec 14, 2015
Its not the all 22 so may add some notes to the secondary later in the week once its available. Obviously its hard to see what’s going on back there from the tv view.

Thanks for the post. A few of my notes upon A-22 watch

Start with the two rooks:
- Overall did a commendable job against what is obvious a great D line. However, it was not all roses. They were the primary reasons (beside Henry) the run game just could not get going, at least until later in the game. Down blocking when they should have recognized the blitzer, not getting to the second level for blocks. Just straight blown up a couple of times.
- Brown was solid all game, one **** play at an inopportune time. But what we should expect out of him. Glad he cleaned the penalties up.
- Andrews played well, got beat twice that I saw but again playing next to two rookies and holding his own against the Eagles was what we would want out of the vet.
- Anderson, I didn't notice any pressures from him during the live broadcast but he had an ok day. Now as I mentioned in a post earlier, he did great job given his circumstances. However, he was given up a lot of pressures early on in the game. In fact, he was really the primary reason Mac was flustered early on. Especially the first two drives. He settled down a bit after that, but again given up some pressures however Mac did a solid job of moving in the pocket or getting rid of it quickly.


I was primarily concentrating on OL of course. Watching live i was happy the thing was not completely collapsing and allow some offense.
Similar to you - a closer look revealed it was a minor miracle they could muster that much offense at all.

- Brown was average (as expected after missing most of TC), far from 2018, and as we speek he is out already.
- Mafi lost a few 1v1 that resulted in pressures but looked like a starting vet for most part. He more than confirmed what could be hoped for out of preseason and was big part of the reason the line did not collapse entirely. Note that he was 1v1 almost all game since Andrews had to help Sow.
- Andrews was a captain and a warrior playing C and RG at the same time. No wonder he stretched his hammy
- Sow looked completely out of place esp in Q1. After that Andrews came to the rescue and he settled in a bit. But every time he was left 1v1 he was cooked in a sec. Seems like forced&failed RT experiment completely messed his stance.. I know it was elite DL but he just doesnt look ready for NFL atm
- Anderson - was on the verge of losing every rep but fought through as well as he could after missing all off and pre season. Still Mac could see the pressure coming all game.


- Well Henry absolutely sucks at blocking. I remembered it kinda not being good. Nope downright laughable. But the dude can catch...most of the time.
- A little surprised Gesicki didn't get more snaps, but when both Zeke and Rham are in someone has to come off. That appeared to be Gesicki's number.

I think you might be a bit too harsh w Henry's blocking. Gesicki made a couple of strong ones which was a pleasent surprise.
The do have Ph.Brown as a proper blocker and he showed it in a few snaps he was given.


I'll keep this shorter. Just a few quick notes some obvious but why not.

- Godchaux actually had a good game. should of had a sack, which his pressure caused but was called back for defensive holding in the backfield. He filled his gaps eating space, saw him get driven off the ball once. I watched him mainly because like others I didn't notice him during the game. Well that’s because he was doing his job, filling his gap on run D and staying home in his gap against the pass, with a couple of pressures.

- Again the rookies what can you say. Excellent night for them. Mapu was all over the field, Free safety deep over the middle, LB, Strong safety etc...White was a monster should have drawn two holding calls, both of which led to Hurts flushing out of the pocket away from him and running out of bounds and throwing it away. Had he not been held he would had a sack and tackle possible sack of Hurts. Kids a beast. And Gonzo what a game. Kept everything in front of him. Solid tackling in the open field. Pass break ups, forced fumble. I mean welcome to the league kid.

- Linebackers were solid Bentley and Tavai are more than serviceable. They are smart and always seem to be in the right spot.

- Of course Judon and Wise played well. Wise just eating double teams play after play. Judon was everywhere.

- The Dline was simply winning battles all over the place. They will be a problem for any line we face. The Eagles Oline is arguably top 5 possibly top 3. This line will feast on some of the lesser lines coming up....*cough....Jets....cough*. One negative if you will, really need to see more out of Barmore. He wasn't getting pushed around but he wasn't getting any push either. Guy was noticed a few times as well.

- DB's looked really good as a unit. The mind **** BB gets to do with that safety group was fun to watch. Mapu/Dugger/Peppers all rotating in the box to deep middle and everywhere in between. There is a reason Hurts only had 170 yards passing and it wasn't all because of not playing in pre-season.

Biggest take away from the defense. They are clearly much faster than last year and man do they tackle and swarm well.

Id just add that Bentley played a monster game actually, Peppers as well. And Dugger just took over where DMC left it.
What i liked most about Gonzo is that he was always around the ball not just in coverage + played well on ST.
I loved the rotation where every DB played different positions throughout the game. Mills playing mere 14% was slight surprise (his contract did sort of suggest it) and if the trend continues puts him at possible trade asset at Oct deadline.
Last but not least - this simply has to be mentioned due to all the **** we give him here - Bryant played really well, even when left to cover Smith.


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