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ANNOUNCEMENT Two New Added Mute Functions 3/4/23 - Full Forum Mute & Block/Remove User


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Just added a couple of final bits of functionality to this over the last few days and just installed them.


You can now mute someone forum-wide and it will completely remove them. This will hide their posts and/or interactions in other threads. It works the exact same way it does in a normal thread mute. You just won't have to select it as you move around in each thread.

You can select them here:
However, you will see threads they start, which will appear as normal. But if you click on the thread, they won't be there. You also won't see any of the posts replying to them, so it's basically like they won't exist no matter what thread you're in.

(This not only hides the user's posts but also blocks them from seeing your posts.)

The next option is the ability to block a user using the "Forum Block." This not only completely removes that user across the board the way the Forum Mute does, but it also blocks them from being able to see your posts.

Not only that, but it will also hide all of your quoted replies - even to other users - from them and vice-versa, so it's literally like you won't exist to them, and they won't exist to you.

Still, as mentioned above, you will see threads they start, but nothing they post/reply to will be visible. Nor will they be able to read your posts or the replies by anyone else to you.

So I think this essentially covers everything. But in the meantime, let me know if anyone spots any issues, as well as if you have any techinical issues as a couple of people messaged me after seeing some error messages but I think I've fixed everything.

Either way, let me know :cool:
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One other note - if you add any users to any type of forum-wide mute, another button will pop up in the upper right, which will allow you to see who you're blocking outside of a normal thread-mute:

If you toggle that main button (the one outlined), it will also show/hide any posts by those users if there are any within the thread you're viewing.

Also, I made a small update where when you toggle this button (shown below, the red button with the user count), it now shows/hides any posts on the page you're viewing within that thread that could be hidden:



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Update 11:09pm - just fixed a glitch that was causing a conflict. Should be good now.


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Quick update, I was just going over some things this morning and I noticed the buttons were causing an issue on mobile. This has been corrected.

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