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Tanguay = Dumb Ass

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Sep 12th

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abdul7 Supporter Supporter
In Latin Tang means Dumb ,,and uay means Ass .
How can you in the USA ..especially in Boston put up with this dumbass ?
How in Gods name can anyone hire him ?
Don't you know how he makes you Americans look ?
How does he walk around at night ? Does he have body guards ?
I may be an Arab from Bahrain ,,,but why do i hate Tanguay so much :mad:
All i can say is,,i will say a prayer everyday for all of you for being so near to him and for listening and reading his crap.
God Help America if you have many like him.
Salam and Love to all. GO PATS

patfanken Supporter Supporter
Abdul, buddy, you didn't have to start a new thread to inform us that Tanguay is a dumb ass. I think that impression is pretty universal on this board. ;)


Pro Bowl Player
Where is this rant coming from? I know he's an ass. Did you just hear/read something in particular that lead to this?


Pro Bowl Player
IMO this thread suffers from too much context.
Not disagreeing. LOL

It just seems to have just sprung up. I wonder if the OP had a dream of Tanguay or something that lead him to post it. I have no disagreements with it at all, though . . . just curious.


Practice Squad Player
ok, forgive my ignorance but who is this Tanguay you speak of? The Hockey Player? Not from the Boston area so not knowing, please explain.

Joker Supporter Supporter
actually, Tanguay is space alien for "the humans are returning another one of our bio-experiments back to its' place of origin...Planet Moron"...

"We come in peace, earthlings....can has secret recipe?...

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