Rams fire Jeff Fisher

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why did they even give him a extension ?

It's the NFL way. Keep rewarding cronies who follow your bidding, until there is a public uproar. Then reverse course and drop the axe.

See the Ray Rice situation - Goodell doing his buddy in Baltimore a favor, until the public saw the video that Goodell tried to ignore. Fisher was being rewarded for being a good soldier and league stooge while Kroenke got his act together in LA and was rewarded. There's been a huge public uproar over it the last 10 days, so now they're reversing course.


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...now where did it go?" o_O


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so, like 2 weeks ago they said "everything's fine".. "don't judge him on wins and losses".. so what happened so bad that changed it? The embarrassing week with NE, not knowing players, and the challenge flag? lol Spare him the all time loss record on their watch? LMFAO


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Apparently, they extended him before the season started. However, it became public knowledge only a couple of weeks ago


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Well, they've lost 6 of 7 and have lost their last 4 by an average score of 33-14.

Its about goddamn time.
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