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Pre Game Thread - Pats @ Bills

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Hmm.... I wonder how much WADE will play since they didn't promote Mosely.

There will be a LOT of pressure on Marcus Jones, Jon Jones and Tae Hayes for the game.
Whomever is covering Gabe Davis needs to shut him down as much as whomever is on Diggs.
Let's go Bryant

Zappe Hour

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We should be holding Bryant signs at the game.
Pray for Myles!
It would be funny to see the confusion with the analysts like we are checking our sources and Myles seems fine.
We can’t find any Myles in the NFL with a hardship.
Yet the signs remain and have appeared to grow as the game has gone on.

Zappe Hour

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I liked when we would move Daniel Graham between tightend and some fullback.
I really liked Ben Coates as a kid.
Jonnu and Hunter has been a disappointment.


Jakobi Meyers will not be missed
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Gash was a beast.
I had high hopes for Larry Centers as a receiving back here.
I used to think a fullback that could Run slot routes was a huge asset.
Centers would've been right up there had he been younger. He and Fred McCrary were the plan B as Richie Anderson was offered a contract in 2003, but he wrongly choose to stay loyal to Parcells and went to Dallas. Marc Edwards was alright, but short lived. Evans was okay too.
I loved Gash. Still do!
Letting Gash go was one of the many mistakes Carroll/Grier made that led to their downfall. Tony Carter was okay, but you noticed the drop off from Gash.

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I’m not expecting it to come out tomorrow, but I’ve been frustrating with the lack of trick plays this year. The yards per attempt on flea flickers and double passes tend to be so high. We used to use them every year with josh. We did it last year even. Now, when our offense needs it most, we’d rather stay predictable instead. How many games are we in where we could use a jolt from a big play on a flea flicker?
This team cant line up and run 3 consecutive plays without a false start from brown or bourne/smith not lining up correctly or patricia or rhamondre fumbling around on 3rd and short. And you want them to pull trick plays.? like that will fix this offense ?


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Ah yes, brings back fond memories of the last seconds tie breaking trick double lateral play this year. NOT!!!
In this overmatched instance i'm open to anything EXCEPT the long bomb to a wide open Slater where he.... You know the rest.
What? The raiders game blunder has absolutely no relevance to what I’m talking about. That wasn’t a trick play. It was a moronic unscripted decision.
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