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Posting Giphy Gifs

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Placing this here for whomever has info ...
Several members have inquired ... and I wish I had an answer.
So why don't they work ... or is there a secret to making them work?


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I’ve always wondered this myself. I reached out to a fellow poster who claimed that he just does a google search and coincidentally ends up using a GIPHY .gif most of the time anyway.


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When I post a gif or a video, I first click on the icon above with the two film strips - two to the right of the smiley face, one to the left of the flag.

If you click on that icon there is a long list of all the type of media that this software supports. This states that our bulletin board software can use the following. (Giphy is not on the list.)

Enter media URL:
You may embed media from the following sites.

Why XenForo forum software (or the version we use) does not support Giphy, I don't know. Maybe that costs extra, or causes some other conflicts?

In the interim, I guess users should try to find something similar on Gfycat or
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I figured this out.

It's not part of the default embed, but you can still do it this way:

Hit the image button on the toolbar (to the right of the smiley face) and then paste in the "GIF Link", which is available when you click on the image on their site.

And you'll see it appear: