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Pick Em Game (different from the one on here please read)

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The link there is a local business in my area and they offer a FREE pick-em. Five matchups each week no point spread just straight-up winner. I strongly suggest them. I have been during this for three years and they never make you pay anything and they do a drawing at the end of the year. Everyone who gets a perfect week gets an entry into the grand prize drawing. This year is a 500 gift card to a restaurant of your choice. We have folks from Cali, Indy, etc playing so they accommodate well. They will also match the amount to a charity of your choice.

If not allowed I do apologize just thought I would share this with everyone who enjoys having fun with a grand prize potential at the end you will have to like the company in order to play I believe. The rules are stated on the pick-em itself

One example was I was a perfect winner three weeks out of the 16 so I got three entires.

Welcome Back to #MWTfootballpickem! The 2021 season kicks off tonight.
As #MWTfootballpickem continues to gain in popularity, we’ve decided to change up the winnings this year.
Each week, our perfect pick winners will be entered to win the end of season grand prize. If you're one of our top three winners, we’ll buy you a gift card to any of your favorite local businesses!
Grand Prize: $500 Gift Card
2nd Place Prize: $300 Gift Card
3rd Place Prize: $200 Gift Card
The best part: MWT will match your winnings as a donation to your charity of choice!
Please note that there are no weekly prizes, but as always, this is just for fun!
Pick the winners of these five WEEK 1 games in order as they appear:
Chargers at WFT
Seahawks at Colts
Vikings at Bengals
Cardinals at Titans
Dolphins at Patriots
Be sure to post your picks by Noon ET on Sunday, SEPT 12