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Suicide Pick 'em Contest: W12 Results: Irishfanatic, the Champion is Crowned ❗❗


Pro Bowl Player
Jun 8, 2012
To everyone who played - I just gotta say Thank You. This was the first time I've ever done something like this, and it turned out great. It was fun, but you all made it special. I hope to see everybody join in next year.

now to the final bit of housekeeping... the final results for the 2023 contest... and yes, we will be doing this again next season.

The Week by Week Picks - Ignore column J, as that was just to help me...

The Week by Week Results

@1960Pats @Boomer B @Calhoun44 @everlong @irishfanatic @Patsfan1958 @Ras-IR Dowling @Sect140 @TBR @borg @TheBeers @FreeTedWilliams @MrTibbs @Tunescribe @JarOfMayo51 @Jlaff @Loving_life35 @Zuma @sb1 @Rob0729 @Guts @Water Boy @The Trickster @Steve102 @JR52 @maust @PatsfaninTx @E1Downey @Nikolai @ScottishPatriots @pctronics0072 @yukon cornelius @Robdude @mgcolby @Froob @sturmrider @oceansizer @borisman @NavinR.Johnson @Ghost of Ben Dreith @neuronet @SteveKiner @Pat the Pats Fan @denverpatsfan @IcyPatriot @pazrul72 @Vatahala 2 @PancakeBlockPaul @Brotherblues @I Augustus @stinkypete @Brick27 @woolster22
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2022 Weekly Picks Winner
Jun 6, 2012
Big shout out to @Pape for taking the time and effort to run this competition. It added some interest in an otherwise dismal Patriot campaign. As always a big thank you to @Ian for the work he puts in to this site for all our enjoyment and discourse.
Ditto on both counts and congrats on the win. It definitely helped us get through this incredible season.

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