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From Australia. Didn't know much about NFL except for playing Madden on playstation. Been a fan since around 2006. Loved the way Belichick treated media. Always disliked Peyton Manning as I couldn't understand the hype. Randy Moss signing sealed the deal for me.
From lower Fairfield County, CT. Season ticket holder - this was my 4th season.
I'm a fairly new comer to Patrots' fandom. Started rooting for them when they acquired Belichick.
Go Patriots! Super Bowl!!!!!


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I live in New York, but I grew up outside of Boston. I'm a little too far and a little too poor to be a season ticket holder, but my dad and I used to go to games together when I was a kid. I have been a fan all my life, close to 30 years. I decided to join here because I wanted to talk with other Patriots fans instead of just New Yorkers for the Super Bowl!


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Greetings from Poland. I am a new member of your community, but a long time Patriots fan. My favourite players are: DMac, Gronk and of course Tom Brady.


Hi folks from peterhead in Scotland! Been on here for a wee while but this is my first post. Really good forum, enjoying it so far!


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Boston boy full and through. Born and raised, and a Patriots fan since I was 11 yr. old when Pats won SB 36 in 02'. Not a season ticket holder, but eager to go and watch a games in Foxboro


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Hi from Switzerland
Have been watching the Pats only since 2012 because Football wasn't that popular then, but now the fanbase is growing here and its exciting to be a part of it.
I hope that i can go to a game this year, would be awsome.
Favourite players: Tom Brady, Edelman, Gronk and Jamie Collins
Go Pats, get the Fifth!


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Pats fan for 50 + years. I've gone to games at Harvard Stadium, B.U., Fenway Park, the old Foxborough stadium, and The Razor. Not a season ticket holder at the moment. Massachusetts born and bred.
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Hi Guys,
From Edinburgh, Scotland.
Been a Pats fan since 1986 when a me and a few mates got into football. They chose the 49ers the Bears etc i chose the Pats and have followed them ever since.
Just read the Wells report and i do believe my 8 yr old could have made a better job. A report for the nfl paid for by the nfl. utter ****!


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I recently moved to Argentina but grew up in Dighton, MA and for the last 15 years in Quincy. I have been a Pats fan for about 40 years. I have been to a handful of games. I saw Michael Bishop replace Bledsoe for one play at the end of half and complete a hail Mary td against Indy. I have the Game Day pass in Argentina so I still watch every second of every game. Good to be here!


From Waltham (now residing in 'hawks territory...WA...That was and is fun :)
Serious Pats fan from the beginning "Plunkett to Vataha" days.
Not a season seat holder. (Does DTV count? :)) But bought many tix.
Named my Border Collie "Pats" (1 yr. later...1st ring)
Pats S.W. Florida Fan Club (When I lived there.)
Loyal Bruins, Celts, Pats & Sox fan. Played & coached youth hockey. Played LLBB. Never played organized FB, but participated in PP&K (won a new FB :))
Have had a few professional & friendship ties to NFL. (Rather lucrative...)
Hated wherever I go (outside of NE) w/my Champ caps & Bruschi jersey.
Lurked this site for years.
Frequently wear Bruins socks and Pats tees underneath. (I know, but they don't.)
Converted my fervent, Browns fan wife to die-hard Pats fan. (There was a Kosar connect.)
Have whispered and been whispered back by both dogs and horses, "Go Pats"
Considered by many to be a consummate "MassH..l" (My badge of pride.)
Yankees draw through straws............


40+ years a Pats fan new to the neighborhood. I live close enough to the stadium to hear the cheers. One of my fondest memories was being at the Orange Bowl for the 1985 AFC championship to watch the Pats whip the fins on thoer way to the Super Bowl. Now I'm looking forward to sharing the fun on the Pats fan forum!

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Lived and studied in southern Mass. Now in So Florida. Pats Fan since late 70s.


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Hi all, I'm originally from Boston, live in Wisconsin now. Been a Pats fan since the 1996 season. First game I attended was against the Browns in 2001, and my memory from the game is Troy Brown's PR touchdown!


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Laurel, Mississippi; not a season ticket holder.

Been a fan since Belichick resigned from the jets on a napkin. Thought that was the greatest and most hilarious thing in the world. Loved BB ever since.