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Pats re-sign Donte Stallworth

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Re: Pats re-sign Donte' Stallworth

Good signing IMHO

Let him stretch the field. Maybe give more room for Brandon underneath.

What's with Iggles poaching another of our guys? Matt Kopa claimed off PS.


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With Edelman getting hurt, WR went from being a need to being a dire need. Welcome back, Donte. Now make a play or two.

Uncle Rico

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hah-- now I wish I had written a post I thoguht about on the Wade Phillips thread: When I think of that '07 Dallas game, I think of a very nice TD catch and run by Stallworth. Maybe we'll see another one. Or two.


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He was getting open in pre-season, he just had the dropsies and pretty sure he had a good year last year with the Redskins Grossman/Beck combo.

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I'd rather have Branch, I like that dude. But, he has been declining a bit. Good luck Stallworth. Miss ya Deion :bye2:


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Why is the NFCE taking so many of our bubble guys?


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I don't know how much is left of the 6 foot tall, 4.40 sec/40 yard dasher that he was when Baltimore tried him out, but it's nice that he is at least somewhat familiar with our offense. A guy like him, in his prime, is what we really need and have needed for some time. I wish him luck. And I love that Bill is really active this year in finding pretty good replacements. Knock on wood, but it seems we have gotten very lucky in finding the right guys at the right time to deal with our injuries and needs.

Unfortunately it also points into the direction that Edelman is probably out for some time.

MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter
He had a lousy year in Washington. Gaffney had a good one statistically and they let them both go. Curran tweeted earlier today that Branch expects to be back but he is close to but not quite ready. This is likely a case of having to sign a body because of Edelman's injury. Slater saw a handful of snaps in 3WR sets in his absence late in the game. Stallworth will see those or less. He's the emergency depth short of resorting to Slater. Leads me to believe Edelman got checked out this AM and is gone for a while though. With the exemption for Bolden they won't have to make a move this week unless they want to bring him back immediately. Otherwise someone will have to go. And it can't be OL given the issues there.

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This would seem to indicate that Edelman's out, or at least highly questionable. It also would seem to mean that either Branch is still bothered by injury or the team thinks he's completely cooked. Mo's post seems to indicate that it's about Branch still not being quite ready.

Best of luck Donte, and get well soon Deion and Julian.
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I think Branch still had a little left but he is reported injured

Stallworth is a desperation move would have had to be,he is all but done IMO

Mack Herron

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The question is how do they create the roster spot for Stallworth, release someone or Edelman to IR? We will miss his punt returns.
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This does not give me the warm fuzzies. I guess Edelman is pretty banged up.


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People love Stallworth, but he's never really been a good WR. He's living off an entirely undeserved deep threat reputation.
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