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Pats now betting favorites to land Delvin Cook (Update: Odds "Pretty High" He Signs With Jets)

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Dec 3rd

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What happened? I thought the Jete cap was maxed out from signing Aaron? They can overpay for a RB now too?

The Pats couldn't pony up for a WR1?

Can this guy stay healthy?


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
What happened? I thought the Jete cap was maxed out from signing Aaron? They can overpay for a RB now too?
The Jets (15.9M) currently have a little more cap space this year than the Pats, but the Pats have much more future cap space. That being said the Jets can easily afford to sign Cook, especially with the current RB market.


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So the Jet's have won the pre season :haha:
Used to won the off season they are moving forward on a 3 wheel wagon as always.


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What a list of QB’s and offenses they faced that season.
Clearly you haven't been reading the multiple threads where our experts who know football better than everyone else have proven that the quarterback doesn't make any kind of difference.

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