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OT: Which team do you want to win this season?

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Mar 11, 2014
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And why is it the Lions?

So much drama going on here, we can almost forget there is a playoff thing happening.

Who are you supporting for championshinp run? Surely there is a preference in your hearts for one of the remaining teams.

Why the lions for me?... Never won before, first Playoff victory in 23 years, a QB that has a proven to have a winner mentality (he was discarded before, went to the wasteland and helped turned the team around) and a coach who, for all appereances, seem to be a genuinely good guy, strong defense and a team that was built from nothing. AND they have the same colours as ours, pretty much

Tell me, let's ignore all the noise surrounding the Pats, it's going to be a looooooong offseason, so let's start the change by being positives ourselves. But if you want to say who you least want to win, it's okay too.
I guess the Texans since I'm a fan of CJ. I don't really care though. If the chiefs win again wouldn't they technically be a Dynasty?
I know it is not common idea on this board but I root for the Eagles. A lot of teams like Lions, Texans l, Packers are indifferent to me.
I do not like Ravens and Chiefs. However 49ers seem to be the most balanced and talented team to win this year.
HOU, BAL or SF. I actually have no animosity towards Baltimore; Why would I? We’ve beaten many times when it counted and I like Lamar.
from the NFC Lions would be kinda cool
from AFC just not the Chiefs, don't mind the Ravens to win with Lamar, nothing against their current team
Buffalo will not make it, hope they just beat the **** out of the Chiefs, but Ravens I think are SB bound
The Bills.

I have always liked Josh Allen and he was my pick for QB in that draft. Plus, I met Jim Kelly at SB 39 and he was just a prince of a guy. Its time for Allen to win some big games and time for Buffalo to win an NFL World Championship after losing 4 straight.
No Queefs, No Iggles, No Squealers, and above all NO stinking Ratbirds. Fine with anyone else. Though if Houston wins it after we didn't even bother interviewing Slowik, that's going to sting a bit.
For me it’s the Lions. Had a close friend when I was overseas in the military who was my roommate. We played hockey on a team with the local town in Germany with two guys from Maine and Minnesota.

I’d educate him on New England sports and I’d listen to him talk Detroit sports back and forth. Red Wings, Bruins, Celtics, football, college hockey etc. we’ve stayed in touch over the years usually exchanging congratulatory texts over big wins for each others teams. Most recently the big Michigan win. Any how, in honor of him I always support his team and vice versa when there is not one of my horses in the race.
The 0'fers top the list...

Lions or Texans... Would be a great Super Bowl... Two first time participants? Sign me up...

everybody else? not interested in them winning...
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1. Not the Chiefs or Eagles
2. how about the packers -- wouldn't that be the final nail in the aaron rodger's coffin?
3. be kinds nice to see the Bills -- I like josh allen too @Triumph

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