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Sep 26th

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Coach Frank Reich told reporters on Tuesday the All-Pro guard Quenton Nelson will undergo the same surgical procedure on his foot that quarterback Carson Wentz had Monday.

Quenton Nelson to have the same foot surgery as Carson Wentz - ProFootballTalk

Colts fans must in a state of shock.

Between DeShaun questions, Jacksonville still rebuilding, and now the Colts injuries, the Titans have to be the overwhelming favorites to win the AFCS.

EDIT: And even though this may not impact the Pats game in week 15 (16?), it does bring to mind a question you had a while ago when talking about playoff chances: Something akin to, which 2020 playoff team seems keen to fall out of that race so there's a spot for the Pats to seize? If Wentz and Nelson's recoveries skew more towards the long end of that estimate, they could be in a hole before they come back.

EDIT#2 (sorry, last one I promise): I just looked at their starting schedule and... YIKES. Seahawks, Rams, @Titans, @Dolphins, @Ravens.
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ornerback Jeff Gladney is no longer a member of the Vikings.

The team announced on Tuesday afternoon that they have dropped Gladney from the roster. Gladney was indicted on a felony domestic violence charge in Texas earlier in the day. Gladney is accused of choking, punching and shoving a woman during an incident in April.

Gladney was a first-round pick in 2020 and he will go through the waiver process

Vikings cut Jeff Gladney - ProFootballTalk

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Steelers cornerback DeMarkus Acy tore his ACL at practice Tuesday, he announced on social media.

“It hurts that this happened just days before my pro debut but there’s no quit in me,” Acy wrote. “Prayer has always got me through anything and I continue to live through faith and let life teach me valuable lessons.”

The Steelers signed Acy on May 1, and he was readying for the Hall of Fame Game against the Cowboys on Thursday.

Steelers cornerback DeMarkus Acy tears ACL - ProFootballTalk


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What is INDY waiting for? They should be bringing Rivers back yesterday. He just admitted he's keeping the door open. Wentz may have sealed his fate with this latest injury. Rivers was 11-5, 68%, 4100, 24/11 in his first year with a new team. That's much better than any other options they have right now.


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Zac Taylor and the struggling Bengals offense were hoping for a fresh start in the first practice in full pads Wednesday.

What they got instead was Groundhog Day.

It wasn’t just that the defense won another day, this was arguably even more dominant than it was Monday, which was one the most lopsided practices we’ve seen in a long time.

It’s now the second most after Tuesday’s defensive destruction.

The pass rush continued to break through the offensive line and put pressure on Joe Burrow and the other quarterbacks, and nearly every pass that wasn’t wildly off the mark was heavily contested, if not broken up or intercepted.

It was the kind of day that on its own would thrill any defensive coordinator, but it had to be especially encouraging for Lou Anarumo to see his group stacking performances like this one after another.

“The guys have really worked hard to get to this point, and they’re taking advantage of each one of these situations that come,” Anarumo said. “But we take each day as a new day because it doesn’t matter what you did the day before. We’re getting them to be in that mindset where we’re always going to stay this way.”

That’s a frightening thought for Taylor, Burrow and the offense as the mistakes, and especially the turnovers, continued to mount.

It’s not a fumble here or a pick there, it’s multiple turnovers nearly every practice. On Tuesday, Trey Hendrickson intercepted Burrow, as did backup safety Ricardo Allen, thanks to a tip by linebacker Markus Bailey.


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If they don't get that line fixed, they might as well start planning the funeral for Burrows' NFL career.
Passed over multiple highly touted OT in a highly touted class for Burrow's boy from LSU. Chase is a beast and will probably be one but they better hope things shape up. Slater, Sewell, Darrisaw, Leatherwood and others.

Funny bc they could have a great WR corp if that OL holds up and Chase is who everyone thinks he is.