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DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION OFFICIAL 2021 NFL Draft - Day 2 Discussion Thread

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Sep 12th

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Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Trade Harry
Then trade him for Andy Isabella (Cards got Rondale Moore), who's as good as anyone remaining on the board, right?

Also, I never saw them trading him - it would cost money...and Jones throws a pretty back shoulder, which is something Harry can excel at.


In the Starting Line-Up
Draft got a bit old waiting for the pats so I watched Tatum drop 60 while the Cs came back from 32 down. Great night so far!

Hammer of Thor Supporter Supporter
If the Watson legal situation settles, and Tua doesn't seize the job this season, I can absolutely see that happening.
They‘ve mentioned Miami, but I doubt Houston would want to deal him in conference if they have a choice. The Giants have quietly loaded up on picks in 2022 — they have two in each of the first 3 rounds. I’m not convinced they’re sold on Jones, and rumors before Watson’s legal issues came out were that he wanted to go to NY (but it was the Jets who were mentioned at the time). Just throwing this out there.