NFL Owners Discuss Adding Spring Games

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Dec 6th

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Apparently one thing owners are now discussing is the addition of spring pre-season games. While it works for big-time southern universities, I'm not so sure about NFL teams, especially those in the north.

NFP story

NFL owners discussed playing spring preseason games as part of a possible expansion of the regular-season schedule.

No action was taken by the owners as they wrapped up their meetings on Wednesday. No change in the regular-season schedule is expected for 2009.

“I think the focus was on how do we prepare for the season,” commissioner Roger Goodell said. “Football readiness was probably the No. 1 issue that everyone wanted to do further analysis on. We still have a lot more work to do on the analysis.”

Spring games, normally an intrasquad contest, have become commonplace in college football. Some top programs have capacity crowds for the game.

“It was raised by a few clubs,” Goodell said. “More in the context of what the colleges do.”

The NFL spring games could be in the form of a scrimmage or matchup between two teams.

Goodell said that prevailing feeling was that if the schedule is expanded, it should go to 18 games, not 17.

Should the expanded regular season get approved, one or two preseason games would be eliminated.
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