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Malik Magic? Cunningham Gets QB Reps at New England Patriots Practice While Mac Jones Watches - Pats Tracker

Their talisman QB has been benched 4 times.
Their 3 backup QBs have each been cut by the team at least once this season.

Calling Mac Jones a Talisman is like calling a Monkey Paw a Lucky Rabbit's Foot! LOL!

monkey paw bart simpson.jpg
In a lost season, there are two reasons to give Malik some sort of shot: 1) A season like this is a time to give your underling players game reps both to help them to develop and to get a more full evaluation of them, 2) The team owes the fan at least SOME entertainment. Watching Malik promises likely to be more entertaining than watching Mac and Zappy pretend to play the position, boringly and badly. No matter which option you play, you are effectively tanking, so that concern is moot.
Malik in preseason was the highlight of the entire 2023 season. That says it all.

It might have been the Bills win but I think the shine wore off on that a while ago.

Pro sports isn’t for everyone.
The stupid Malik hype is nonsense first off he is technically not on the team and if he was so good any team can sign him off practice squad … he is a wr just put will Grier as the back up the season is over
I want to see Cunningham!!! And maybe some Zappe….rotate them in and out ….what do we have to lose…..See what Malik can do!

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