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Love from Bahrain.

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abdul7 Supporter Supporter
Hey all ,,,,How about them Patriots ?
Honestly couldn't feel more proud ,raised my 2 sons as Pats fans ,,one graduating from Northeastern,,the other still in College here and may I proudly also say they have over last 5 years made many of our cousins also follow the Patriots.
Ok where can I start,,,,oh my prediction before the game which I wrote that we would win by a bigger margin than any of our 5 previous Super Bowl wins came true ! Giving myself a pat on the back but my God did I stress the whole game.
Secondly how about Coach Flores ,,,how we will miss him and why did he have to go to Miami. Magnificent performance from our Defense ,,best in years I think.
Lastly I want to say,,,Congratulations to all here and say I love you.
Dont know how I can get any sleep from the joy of seeing TB12 get number 6.
Oh before I forget,,,F#CK Rob Parker.


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You could add that to the polls "Ray Lewis killed two guys" and "**** Rob Parker"

Enjoy the win and those sunny days out in Bahrain!
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