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Sep 12th

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Exactly. That's what most of the people on this board fail to understand when they are in over reaction mode. NE had the most Covid opt outs of any NFL team and got their starting QB 2 months before the season started and had no preseason games to get a live action feel in the offense. Everything has been done on the fly. Cam also had to miss 2 crucial weeks away from the team during said development. But everyone wants to win now, now, now!!!! And I get that but this just a very strange year and unfortunately this is the year BB and Co. decided to move on from Brady and vice versa. Take emotion out of the equation, without Cam literally DRAGGING this corpse of the NE Pats to the playoffs it just wasn't going to happen this year, although NE isn't completely out of the playoff picture yet. It was going to be a bumpy ride anyone who expected anything more is just being foolish at this point
I agree with everything you said, we' know more in the next few games whether he's a viable QB for the Pats going forward.