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The Pats are loaded with six picks in the last 2 rounds of the draft (3 in 6th & 7th round)

The Patriots have done well in late round picks and UDFA in recent years.

Who do you think the Pat’s are eyeing in the late rounds?

I believe a key to our success with UDFA is the fact that Belichick values training camp performance over what round you were drafted.

I have read that the Pats are interested in
Florida International QB James Morgan

NFL Rumors: New England Patriots Eying To Draft Florida International Quarterback

The Cowboys are also interested in Morgan, so I am not exactly sure how late he will go.

Drafttek has him rated the 13th QB pick 239 overall.

I like the idea of drafting this guy & having him as our 3rd QB this year & see how he

He is 6’4” athletic with a strong arm, but he is thin 213 lbs.

The Pats did a zoom/Skype interview with him already.

Here is his 2019 Highlights



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Some late round/UDFA types I'm big on:
QB Bryce Perkins, UVA
QB Tommy Stevens, Miss. State
RB Anthony McFarland Jr., Maryland
RB Pete Guerriero, Monmouth
FB Connor Slomka, Army
WR Aaron Fuller, Washington
WR Darrell Stewart, Michigan State
WR Maurice Ffrench, Pittsburgh
WR Lee Morris, Oklahoma
WR Chris Finke, ND
OT Jon Runyan, Michigan
OT Trey Adams, Washington
OG Shane Lemieux, Oregon
DE Kenny Willikes, Michigan State
DE Michael Diviity, LSU
LB James Skalski, Clemson
LB Joe Bachie, Michigan State
LB Kash Daniel, Kentucky
DB Tymere Berry, Monmouth
S Levonta Taylor, FSU
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For whatever reason, this feels like a guy Belichick reaches for to me
Should be a solid lb backup with his ability to play against run and pass. He has his limitations esp athletic and two knee injurys which hurt his draft stock but should be good value pick in the later rounds. Also team captain if I remember right.


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Should be a solid lb backup with his ability to play against run and pass. He has his limitations esp athletic and two knee injurys which hurt his draft stock but should be good value pick in the later rounds. Also team captain if I remember right.
Late round hell. BB will pick him as his 2nd round binkie bust.

captain stone

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WR/Returner/Weapon Joe Reed
WR Quez Watkins
WR/Returner Marquez Callaway
WR Quintez Cephus
WR(/TE?) Juwan Johnson
URI WRs Coulter & Parker

TE Dalton Keene
TE/HB Charlie Taumoepeau

C Jake Hanson
C/RG/RT Calvin Doc Throckmorton
Tackle to Center convert Danny Pinter
RG/C Gage Cervenka

LT Alex Taylor
OT Terrence Steele
RG/RT Tyre Phillips
RG/RT Yasir Durant

DE James Smith Williams
DE DJ Wonnum
DE/OLB Casey Toohill

Nebraska DTs Carlos Davis (his brother Khalil goes earlier) & Darrion Daniels, and DT Benito Jones

LB Mykal Walker
LB Dante Olson
OLB Carter Coughlin
SS/OLB Khaleke Hudson
SS/OLB Tanner Muse

SS Josh Metellus
S JR Reed
S Miles Dorn
FS/CB Reggie Robinson
FS/CB LJ Sneed

Slot CB Kindle Vildor
Slot CB John Reid
Slot CB Josiah Scott
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I was hoping to find more interest in this subject given the opportunity for great value had by the Pats.

I am just getting into this myself and so I only have a few guys that I really like. They may or may not get drafted, but I would hope they get strong consideration.

Tyler Huntley QB Utah. Kid looks like a poor man's Kyler Murray IMO. Granted that is just from watching highlights. I'm willing to give Stidham a shot, but it couldn't hurt to take a flier on a guy late. He might even be a Taysom Hill type.

Tavien Feaster RB South Carolina. Is Damien Harris soft? Who knows, but RB is a position that is all about the next man up. That said we can never have enough depth there. He's of similar build and yet he has not been run into the ground in college.

Trajan Bandy CB Miami. Solid tackler. We know all too well how much that is needed in the secondary.


In the Starting Line-Up
There are a couple of late round prospects I really like.

TE- Stephen Sullivan- LSU
Didn’t have much production at LSU but showed his talent at the Senior Bowl. He has good length and is an excellent athlete he just lacks the bulk to be an in-line TE. He has shown good effort as a blocker though so if he can add some size he could be even more valuable. I see him as a Darren Waller type TE that can use his length and athleticism to create mismatches.

TE- Matthew Wilkerson- Edward Waters College
This is a weak TE draft and in particular it lacks many TE’s with good size. At 6-6 270 and supposedly running in the 4.7’s, Wilkerson might have the best size/athleticism combination in the draft. He is very raw having split his time between TE and DE for a very small school but his ceiling is very high. I would love to grab him in the 7th and hope with NFL coaching he can develop into a well rounded NFL player.

WR- Darnell Mooney- Tulane
We obviously need to add offensive weapons and Mooney is electric. I would love to add a Raegor/Ruggs type guy early but if we can’t then Mooney is a nice consolation. He ran a 4.38 40 at the combine, can take the top off a defense or take a slant to the house with his speed. Ideally we could pair him with a more well rounded WR early on like Bryan Edwards and it would be a huge boost to our offense.

DT- John Penisini- Utah
His teammate Leki Fotu might get most of the attention but I prefer Penisini. I think he has a better anchor and is a better fit as a base NT against the run. He won’t add much as a pass rusher but he just eats double teams and plays with a big motor and great effort. I think Big John Stud is one of the most underrated guys in the draft.


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URI WRs Coulter

TE Dalton Keene

LT Alex Taylor

I really like these 3 as well. I wonder if the upside of Coulter gets him into the top 100. Bit if we don't grab a WR in the first 2 days and hes there in the 4th, Id be on board. We need something other than slot type WR's, and he brings solid size with his speed. Having guys like Edelman and Sanu around to learn from would be beneficial.

Keane .... I wonder what he played at. He looks so lean at Tech, but tops 250 at the combine. He looked like 235 on the field, so i wonder if the official weigh in accounts for some added bulk that he desperately needs/needed. Love the skills and versatility. But he'll go as far as that bulk/strength can get him.

Taylor seems like someone the Pats would like, along the Solder/Vollmer/McDermott body type. Tremendous length, and he happens to have the standout athletixism as well. All developmental though. Well worth a day three pick on sheer upside.

I saw Darnell Mooney just mentioned as well. I like him a lot. He is more aware and more polished than the typical speed guy. Needs to be more consistent catching the ball, but he brings the speed we need. Id actually be just fine with him with one of our late thirds.