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Player Signing Jonnu Smith signs with New England!

2021 Patriots Season:
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Next Up: vs Dolphins
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Sep 12th

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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Dunno if I'd put him at Gronk's level for run blocking but apparently he is a really good run blocker.
He's definitely not a Gronk level blocker, though he is described as a capable blocker. Bill once said he was the best tight end in the league for YAC

Patsfanin Philly

Pro Bowl Player
Unlike some teams, Pats always seem to make things happen with Rosenhaus clients..... maybe it's mutual respect or both sides cut through the BS and get down to brass tacks...... Though he did screw the PAts with the AB signing but he represented his client pretty well..

Boomer B

In the Starting Line-Up
Good signing. He’s a good player who can block and catch. Not gonna be a Gronk or Kelce type in the pass game but he can catch and will have to be respected by the D. We can finally throw to a TE again. Good start to the day, now let’s go get Curtis Samuel.

luuked Supporter Supporter
I liked Henry at market value more because he was already an accomplished player but Jonnu was a close 1B.

He has all the tools to be a chess piece on offense if he can put it all together.

Pretty happy already with how things are going.