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Player Signing Jonnu Smith signs with New England!

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Sep 12th

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Right now he's paid more in fully guaranteed money then George Kittle and Travis Kelce and just a notch below them in average per year being the 3rd highest paid TE.

I don't like how much he got paid, but I said Bill will be able to get who he wants if he shows them the money. Skill players rarely care about winning, QB, yada yada yada. Just show them the money.


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Happy with the signing. Some people are mentioning that he's not a fantastic target, but let's be clear about one thing -- the Patriots are gonna be a RUN FIRST team next year, especially with their current QB options. Run blocking matters more than pass catching right now. A dude that can catch a little and also bring some meat and skill to the run game is what we needed.
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