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Favorite Pats player pre-Parcells?

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I was cleaning out a desk in my childhood home over the weekend and came across my drawing of my favorite player growing up, #86 Stanley Steamer.


I was probably 8 or 9 years-old at the time. My dad brought the photo to training camp at Bryant and had him sign it, along with #44 Don Calhoun (good player but kind of random guy for a second signature). Morgan had Hall of Fame talent and still holds the NFL YPC record for those with more than 500 career receptions (19.2) but his numbers were stunted by inconsistent QB play and a poor team.

On defense, I loved Tippet for obvious reasons but I also held a special place in my heart for Vincent Brown. Loved The Undertaker.

One of my favorite childhood memories was hanging out in the parking lot after game vs. Miami in Foxboro with Brian Holloway and Mosi (another favorite), eating hotdogs and hamburgers along with my dad and his friend (who was one of the player's lawyers, I believe). I was young at the time but remember them both being good guys.

There is no real Pats or NFL news right now so I thought it would be fun for some of us old-timers" who are 45 or older to post about their favorite childhood player(s). I also suspect that most of the ultra-negative a-holes on this site didn't start watching until 1995 or later, so this is an opportunity to have a thread which excludes them. Sorry, not sorry.

In that phase of my childhood I was drawing people with massive, Looney Tunes-like eyes, no idea why. Shout out to Hogan and Caserio. RIP Caldwell.


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Doug Flutie. I quit following the team for a summer because I felt like he had been run out of town by a coach in Barry who cared more about how the game was played than about winning. I decided I was a Raiders fan because I liked Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl but by the time the regular season came back around I was back to rooting for the good guys. In my defense I was like 13 or something.

Irving Fryar was my other favorite, it was really painful to see him go to Miami and play so well.

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Andre Tippett for sure. All I got to say is if you didn’t see him play in his prime, you missed out.

Can he rush the passer was never asked with this player. A lesser LT who played for the other conferance.

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I grew up watching Grogs...and I admire that guy lots. I'm going with Andre Tippett , Mosi, Irving Fryar (Fryar was more about hope at the time....same as Bledsoe)
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Picking one guy is impossible.

"Choosing to be introduced as a team, here are the American Football Conference champion New England Patriots"...

I love 'em all.


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I was 4 or 5 years old and went to a preseason game and got there super early with my dad and some of the players were just wandering the field and stretching and I saw number 33 (which was my number in Pop Warner) and I yelled out "Hey 33!" and he started walking over and apparently I let him know that was my number and he signed my hat lol. Sam Gash has been one of my all time favorite Patriots ever since.
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