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Oct 25th

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Pro Bowl Player
I really question this contract. While it's true Watson is one of the best QBs right now that really is only because there is a lack of really good QBs. I consider him the modern day Philip Rivers. Maybe a tad bit worse. Consider the following. The Texans have never had a top 10 offense in PPG or YPG with Watson. Watson has never thrown for 30 TDs while having a top tier WR every year. Watson has never gotten his team past the divisional round. In the playoffs he has been subpar in his 3 games scoring 7, 19 and 24 points in regulation in those 3 games. While I won't fault him for losing to KC the fact that he scored only 7 points in the final 40 minutes while KC was coming back and then piling it on isn't good.

He may well be the best QB after the likes of Mahomes, Lamar, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Wilson. However even if he is the gap between them and him is MASSIVE. I don't even put him in tier 2 after them. I put him in tier 3 as I don't believe there to be a tier 2. There is that much the gap. He is a top 10 QB by default. He has given him team wins and gotten them into the playoffs, but he seems unable to take the next step. To give him so much cash in the hopes he will become elite is a bad move long term. He will help the coach and GM keep their jobs by keeping the relevant for years but he'll never take you to the promised land. Maybe a single AFCCG.


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
How much guaranteed in total? Frankly i would have taken more years. You never know with injuries.
I know what you’re saying, but SHEESH. If he can’t live comfortably with what he just got, I’d be worried about decision making....


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I'm not completely sold on Watson if let's say the Texans have a really bad season 3-13 for any reason and a good QB falls into their laps in the draft. Ok that next years draft will be a big question mark but you got the point. That's before the contract of course, now they made a decision.