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Deflategate Documentary - Non-Patriots Science, Legal and Ethics Experts Skewer the NFL

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I just watched the award-winning Four Games In Fall film on Amazon Prime Video and it was very well put together & intriguing! Whether you are a #Patriots #Fan or #Hater you'll find that the film totally eye opening! It's not a rah-rah football file, but it is an un-biased dissection of the facts around #Deflategate by Scientists, Ethical and Legal experts, who skewer Goodell and the NFL. They uncover the NFL's tactics against players and teams, which is very similar to the tactics we've endured in the current political climate...very apropos! I included a link to the trailer, here but the film is on Prime Video and I believe iTunes/Apple TV and GooglePlay


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I second the recommendation of this film. I was able to see it in a theater in the summer of 2018 and they did a solid job presenting the case that the NFL railroaded Brady without coming across as over the top homers. People should definitely check this out.