Bill O’Brien fired

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Nov 1st

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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
When Watt came out after the game and said something like "what we are doing isn't working", I had a bad feeling for ol' Bob. He had no rope after trading away his All Pro receiver, even though BB would do the exact same move with a diva receiver asking for 20+mil a year.

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They were a dumpster fire before the new hire, and their only fear-inducing offensive threat is out for the year. Also, the QB seems to have been overrated by the team's higher ups.

To me, the bigger question is why Judge took such a bad job.
In this case the players make it a bad team whether the coach is good or not.
If he has them competitive and they can win 3 or 4 in the second half of the season it’s a decent coaching job. 5-11 with that group is pretty good.


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O'brien deserved to be fired.

With that said, DeShaun Watson in my view has not taken his game to the next level. When your QB is making nearly $40 million per year and is not living up to that contract, it makes things tough on the HC.


In the Starting Line-Up
When did you realize that BoB was no longer for the coaching position?

I was probably on the can in the morning, reading about some dumb blockbuster move that was too late for me laugh live


In the Starting Line-Up
Looks like former NE assistants struggle at managing people : McD (in Denver), Weis (Notre Dame), Patricia, Bill O...

I think Crennel was good at being on good terms w players and we’ll see how it goes in NYG.
My opinion on the matter is, more and more:
They wanna be like BB, but they ain't BB

That's why I really think Flores will be One to actually become successful outiside NE's colours


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
A call by NY Giants GM Dave Gettleman or Owner John Mara to Bill Belichick, on a coaching recommendation:

"..... If you were in our shoes, who would hire as our next Head Coach, Joe Judge or Josh McDaniels?

BB: "I'd hire Joe Judge hands-down in a second."