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DRAFT BGC 2021 Pre-Draft/Patriot-Type Prospect(s) thread

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Sep 12th

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BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
You are not alone in 2nd round Lance

Here is imo best qb breakdown i found so far:

Dont know if you've seen his breakdowns yet. The attitude might not be to everyones taste but his breakdowns are legit.

He's also higher on Mac than most and i tend to agree esp. for a BB philosophy
Another Lance thread



Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
The question with athletic running quarterbacks is whether they will acquire the patience to go through their progression instead of taking off and gaining yardage with their feet when the first option is covered. A second concern is durability in the NFL.
Yeah and that looks sometimes a bit concerning on tape but he is still young and hopefully he can learn that or can be taught


Standin' Pat
-Read her “keys”
-Squared up
-Got that pad level low
-Went in with the shoulder/not the neck
-Wrapped up
-Look out Trevor Lawrence...


BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
I'd love to hear @BaconGrundleCandy in regards to this guy.... Seems to have the accuracy, arm strength and touch based on these clips.. The question to me is how is his pocket awareness. His O-line kept him clean except for the one play where he took off running.. But how does he do under pressure???
He's a dude. His arm is pretty decent for sure but his delivery is bit much. He plays fast though, quick getting to drop, getting the ball out but at times it seems like a bit much. He can touch 50+ but he'll need to load up. Looks a lot smaller than he is imo. Not afraid or tense in the moment ... So far. Thing about pressure is he responded pretty well but until he's around better athletes that won't really he answered. He doesn't panic. Can move, work off concepts, find his reads. Again maybe it's just me but looks a bit small.

BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
one of my early binkies . holds LOS like a mountain all day . hunts down RBs cat vs mouse -> TFL machine (33!)..
but then also does this

I'm a big fan. He seems to be one of the more complete IDL. Consistent play speed and effort. Knows how to handle double team/combos. Like you said can stand his ground, 2 gap. Re-set the line = TFL.

I like how he's able attack & move laterally. He can use space to his advantage isn't just a North south power rusher. He's been on my board for a minute now.

woolster22 Supporter Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
one of my early binkies . holds LOS like a mountain all day . hunts down RBs cat vs mouse -> TFL machine (33!)..
but then also does this

I don't know enough about Northwestern to judge but he seems quick in space. Quick feet for a fella that size and they keep moving through that double after his first 3 steps froze the guard who then failed to provide much resistance despite a hold. 76 gets undressed by footwork in a diff clip. Great job seemingly playing spy on a huge outside stunt across formation then scraping back for the tackle. He looks quick in those clips. They'd honestly lead to wonder whether how his power game was. He seems quick enough to dictate leverage and it sounds like he's strong enough that he could rely on strength in college.