8/14 - Wednesday Pats/Titans Joint Session Thread

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Injuries this decade has cost this team 4 SB titles,

2011 (Gronk)
2012 (Gronk)
2015 (Everyone)
2017 (Edelman/Hightower, with either or we win)

If not for injuries we would have 10 titles and it's not far fetched, with healthy Gronk we beat Giants in 2011, with healthy Gronk we beat Ravens in 2012 and 49ers in SB imo. A healthy team in '15 we Cleary beat Broncos and Panthers and with a healthy team in 2017 we Cleary beat the Eagles.

We only needed Bruschi on those teams



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Injuries are relative from a complete absolute.

If for the majority of years, we have the best team at full health........injuries hurt our chances more than others.

Listing other teams injuries means less because they add back to a lesser fully healthy team.
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