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2019 draft player names short story

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Dec 6th

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My favourite:
Freedom Akinmoladun - Nebraska
I got the clue from the capitalized "F" but had to google the name. Definitely brilliant.

I thought Rivers referred to Derek from Youngstown State but wasn't sure if this included older draft classes.

You got it! I was pretty pleased with the first one. And, yes, I included Rivers just because the DL pairing worked thematically. I took a similar approach to Obi Melinfonwu and Juan Thornhill, but only because I wanted to make the only hope joke with their first names.

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"Trysten will appreciate my work, even if no one else does"

Great work @reamer but you see the missed opportunity...

(unless you considered and rejected it, in which case, Isold you short.)

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PS, in the spoiler alert name, it comes wrapped in a Hamilton lyric (my current obsession)....

WAIT is that a callback to Sugar Bear Hamilton and the infamous Ben Dreith? :D